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Disposal; Disposing Of Packaging Material; Future Transportation; Disposing Of The Old Product - Whirlpool ACM220 Instructions For Use Manual

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Hook safety chain.
Adjusting the feet of oven
Vibrations during use may cause
cooking vessels to move. This
dangerous situation can be
avoided if the product is level and
For your own safety please ensure
the product is level by adjusting the
four feet at the bottom by turning
left or right and align level with the
work top.
Final check
1. Reconnect the product to the mains.
2. Open gas supply.


Disposing of packaging material

Packaging materials are dangerous to
children. Keep packaging materials in a
safe place out of reach of children.
Packaging materials of the product are
manufactured from recyclable
materials. Dispose of them properly
and sort in accordance with recycled
waste instructions. Do not dispose of
them with normal domestic waste.

Future Transportation

Keep the product's original carton
and transport the product in it.
Follow the instructions on the
carton. If you do not have the
original carton, pack the product in
bubble wrap or thick cardboard and
tape it securely.
To prevent the wire grill and tray
inside the oven from damaging the
oven door, place a strip of
cardboard onto the inside of the
oven door that lines up with the
position of the trays. Tape the oven
door to the side walls.
Do not use the door or handle to lift
or move the product.
Do not place other items on the top
of the appliance. The appliance
must be transported upright.
Check the general appearance of
your product for any damages that
might have occurred during

Disposing of the old product

Dispose of the old product in an
environmentally friendly manner.
This equipment bears the selective
sorting symbol for waste electrical and
electronic equipment (WEEE). This
means that this equipment must be
handled pursuant to European
Directive 2002/96/EC in order to be
recycled or dismantled to minimize its
impact on the environment. For further
information, please contact local or
regional authorities.
Refer to your local dealer or solid
waste collection centre in your area to
learn how to dispose of your product.
Before disposing of the product, cut off
the power cable plug and make the
door lock (if any) unusable to avoid
dangerous conditions to children.
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Table of Contents