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Transport; Storage - Kärcher IVC 60/24-2 Ap Manual

Vacuum cleaner.
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Rotating knob
Appliance ON
Appliance OFF
Turning on the Appliance
 Plug in the main plug.
 Switch on the appliance at the rotating
Semi-automatic filter dedusting
Note: A filter dedusting every 5 to 10 min-
utes will increase the life of the flat folded
Note: The semi-automatic filter dedusting
function can only be switched on when the
appliance is switched on.
 Close the locking door of the suction
 Press the semi-automatic filter dedust-
ing key five times. The flat folded filter is
automatically cleaned through an air jet
(pulsating sound).
 Reopen the locking door of the suction
Turn off the appliance
 Actuate the key for the semi-automatic
filter dedusting 5 x with the locking door
of the suction nozzle closed. Reopen
the locking door.
 Switch off the appliance at the rotating
 Pull out the mains plug.
After each operation
Empty the container
 Lock parking brakes.
 Pull the locks of the placement mechan-
ics up.
 Pull the push handle upward. The con-
tainer is unlocked and lowered.
 Pull the container out by the handle.
 Empty the container.
 Replace the battery and lock it with the
sliding bow.
Crush hazard. Never hold your
hands between the dirt contain-
er and the intermediate ring or
put them near the lifting mecha-
nism while locking. Lock the container by
pressing the sliding bow with both hands.
Cleaning the device
 Vacuum and wipe the appliance inside
and outside with a damp cloth.
Storing the Appliance
 Wrap the mains cord around the cable
 Wind the suction hose around the slid-
ing bow.
 Insert the floor nozzle and the suction
pipe into their respective holder.
 Place the appliance in a dry room and
secure it from unauthorized use.
Risk of injury and damage! Observe the
weight of the appliance when you transport
 Release the park brakes and push the
appliance by the push handle.
 Grab the appliance by the chassis, not
by the sliding bow to load it.
 When transporting in vehicles, secure
the appliance according to the guide-
lines from slipping and tipping over.
Risk of injury and damage! Note the weight
of the appliance in case of storage.
This appliance must only be stored in inte-
rior rooms.
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