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Making Adjustments - Brother Quattro 2 6700D Operation Manual

Embroidery and sewing machine.
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• If the fabric is pulled or pushed during sew-
ing, the pattern may not turn out correctly.
Also, depending on the pattern, there may
be movement to the left and right as well as
front and back. Guide the fabric with your
hand to keep the fabric feeding straight and
even during sewing.
Press the "Start/Stop" button to stop
Press the "Reverse/Reinforcement Stitch"
button to sew reinforcement stitches.
• When sewing character stitches, the
machine automatically sews reinforcement
stitches at the beginning and end of each
• When sewing is completed, trim any excess
thread between letters.
• When sewing some patterns, the needle will
temporarily pause in the raised position
while the fabric is fed due to the operation of
the needle bar separation mechanism which
is used in this machine. At such times, a
clicking sound different from the sound gen-
erated during sewing will be heard. This
sound is normal and is not the sign of a mal-

Making Adjustments

Your stitch pattern may sometimes turn out poorly,
depending on the type or thickness of fabric, the
stabilizer material used, sewing speed, etc. If your
sewing does not turn out well, sew trial stitches
using the same conditions as the real sewing, and
adjust the stitch pattern as explained below. If the
pattern does not turn out well even after making
adjustments based on the
adjustments for each pattern individually.
and select
pattern, make
on 16/16.


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  • handyman0031 Jan 03, 2015 10:26:
    please provide a part number for the zigzag embroidery plate,it's included with the 6700 D, however no part number is referenced anywhere in the stupid manual, and there is no item anywhere to replace it? After spending 10 K you think you could put a part number in a book so I can reorder one? my machine jammed and this one has a huge bur on it that cannot be worked out :-(