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Preparing The Fabric; Attaching Iron-on Stabilizers (backing) To The Fabric - Brother Quattro 2 6700D Operation Manual

Embroidery and sewing machine.
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• Use fabrics with a thickness of less than 3 mm (approx. 1/8 inch). Using fabrics thicker than 3 mm
(approx. 1/8 inch) may cause the needle to break.
• When using layers with thicker batting etc., you can sew more attractive embroidery by adjusting the
embroidery presser foot height in the embroidery settings screen (see below).
• In the case of thick terry cloth towels we recommend that you place a piece of water soluble stabilizer on
the top surface of the towel. This will help to reduce the nap of the toweling and result in more attractive
• Press
embroidery settings screen. Adjust the presser foot height for thick or puffy fabrics.
• To increase the space between the presser foot and the needle plate, set the embroidery foot height to
a larger number, 1.5 mm setting is used for most embroidery.
Attaching Iron-on Stabilizers
(Backing) to the Fabric
For best results in your embroidery projects,
always use stabilizer material for embroidery.
Follow the package instructions for the stabilizer
being used.
video example of attaching iron-on stabilizers
(backing) to the fabric (see page 46). Follow the
steps explained below to complete the operation.
When using fabrics that cannot be ironed (such as
towel or fabrics that have loops which expand
when ironed) or in places where ironing is
difficult, position the stabilizer material under the
fabric without fusing it, then position the fabric
and stabilizer in the embroidery frame, or check
with your authorized dealer for the correct
stabilizer to use.
, and select page 6/8 to use
in this order to display a
in the Embroidery Foot Height display in the
• Always use a stabilizer material for
embroidery when sewing stretch fabrics,
lightweight fabrics, fabrics with a coarse
weave, or fabrics which cause pattern
shrinkage. Otherwise, the needle may break
and cause injury. Not using a stabilizer
material may result in a poor finish to your
Use a piece of stabilizer which is larger
than the embroidery frame being used.
a Size of the embroidery frame
b Iron-on stabilizer (backing)


Table of Contents


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  • handyman0031 Jan 03, 2015 10:26:
    please provide a part number for the zigzag embroidery plate,it's included with the 6700 D, however no part number is referenced anywhere in the stupid manual, and there is no item anywhere to replace it? After spending 10 K you think you could put a part number in a book so I can reorder one? my machine jammed and this one has a huge bur on it that cannot be worked out :-(