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Names Of Machine Parts And Their Functions; Machine - Brother Quattro 2 6700D Operation Manual

Embroidery and sewing machine.
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The names of the various parts of the sewing machine and their functions are described below. Before
using the sewing machine, carefully read these descriptions to learn the names of the machine parts.


■ Front View
a Top cover
Open the top cover to thread the machine and wind the bobbin.
b Pre-tension disk
Pass the thread around the pre-tension disk when winding the
bobbin thread. (page 48)
c Thread guide for bobbin winding
Pass the thread through this thread guide when winding the
bobbin thread. (page 48)
d Spool pin
Place a spool of thread on the spool pin. (page 57)
e Spool cap
Use the spool cap to hold the spool of thread in place. (page 57)
f Supplemental spool pin
Use this spool pin to wind the bobbin thread, or to sew with the
twin needle. (page 48, 60)
g Bobbin winder
Use the bobbin winder when winding the bobbin. (page 48)
h LCD (liquid crystal display)
Settings for the selected stitch and error messages appear in
the LCD. (page 28)
i Knee lifter
Use the knee lifter to raise and lower the presser foot. (page 83)
j Knee lifter slot
Insert the knee lifter into the slot. (page 83)
k Operation buttons (6 buttons) and sewing speed
Use these buttons and the slide to operate the sewing machine.
(page 15)
l Flat bed attachment with accessory compartment
Store presser feet and bobbins in the accessory compartment
of the flat bed attachment. When sewing cylindrical pieces,
remove the flat bed attachment. (page 16)
m Thread cutter
Pass the threads through the thread cutter to cut them. (page
n Thread guide plate
Pass the thread around the thread guide plate when threading
upper thread. (page 57)
■ Right-side/Rear View
a Handle
Carry the sewing machine by its handle when transporting the
b Presser foot lever
Raise and lower the presser foot lever to raise and lower the
presser foot. (page 65)
c Main power switch
Use the main power switch to turn the sewing machine ON and
OFF. (page 26)
d Foot controller with retractable cord
Depress the foot controller to control the speed of the machine.
(page 73)
e Power cord receptacle
Insert the power cord into the machine receptacle. (page 26)
f Air vent
The air vent allows the air surrounding the motor to circulate. Do
not cover the air vent while the sewing machine is being used.
g Foot controller jack
Insert the foot controller plug into its jack on the machine. (page
h Speaker
i USB port for computer
In order to import/export patterns between a computer and the
machine, plug the USB cable into the USB port. (page 32, 179,
j USB port for mouse (page 32)
k Primary (top) USB port for media
In order to send patterns from/to USB media, plug the USB
media directly into the USB port. (page 178, 252)
l Touch pen holder
Use the touch pen holder to hold the touch pen when not in use.
m Handwheel
Rotate the handwheel toward you (counterclockwise) to raise
and lower the needle. The wheel should be turned toward the
front of the machine.


Table of Contents


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  • handyman0031 Jan 03, 2015 10:26:
    please provide a part number for the zigzag embroidery plate,it's included with the 6700 D, however no part number is referenced anywhere in the stupid manual, and there is no item anywhere to replace it? After spending 10 K you think you could put a part number in a book so I can reorder one? my machine jammed and this one has a huge bur on it that cannot be worked out :-(