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Brother Quattro 2 6700D Operation Manual Page 52

Embroidery and sewing machine.
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Wind the thread clockwise around the
bobbin 5-6 times.
Pass the end of the thread through the guide
slit in the bobbin winder seat, and pull the
thread to the right to cut the thread with
the cutter.
a Guide slit (with built-in cutter)
b Bobbin winder seat
• Be sure to follow the process described. If the
thread is not cut with the cutter, and the
bobbin is wound, when the thread runs low it
may tangle around the bobbin and cause the
needle to break.
Set the bobbin winding switch to the left,
until it clicks into place.
a Bobbin winding switch
• Sliding the bobbin winding switch to the left
switches the machine into bobbin winding
→ The bobbin winding window appears.
→ Bobbin winding starts automatically. The bobbin
stops rotating when bobbin winding is completed.
The bobbin winding switch will automatically return
to its original position.
changes to
is winding.
• Stay near the machine while winding the
bobbin to make sure the bobbin thread is
being wound correctly. If the bobbin thread
is wound incorrectly, press
ately to stop the bobbin winding.
• The sound of winding the bobbin with stiff
thread, such as nylon thread for quilting,
may be different from the one produced
when winding normal thread; however, this
is not a sign of a malfunction.
• You can change the winding speed by
(to decrease) or
increase) in the bobbin winding window.
• Press
to minimize the bobbin winding
window. Then, you can perform other
operations, such as selecting a stitch or
adjusting the thread tension, while the
bobbin is being wound.
• Press
(in top right of the LCD screen)
to display the bobbin winding window again.
while the bobbin


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  • handyman0031 Jan 03, 2015 10:26:
    please provide a part number for the zigzag embroidery plate,it's included with the 6700 D, however no part number is referenced anywhere in the stupid manual, and there is no item anywhere to replace it? After spending 10 K you think you could put a part number in a book so I can reorder one? my machine jammed and this one has a huge bur on it that cannot be worked out :-(