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Environmental protection
The packaging material can be recy-
cled. Please do not place the packag-
ing into the ordinary refuse for disposal, but
arrange for the proper recycling.
Old appliance contain valuable recy-
clable materials and substances that
must not be released into the environ-
ment. Thus, the appliance and the accumu-
lator contained must not be disposed of via
the domestic waste. The disposal can take
place via locally available return and collec-
tion systems free of charge.
Notes about the ingredients (REACH)
You will find current information about the
ingredients at:
Symbols in the operating instructions
Immediate danger that can cause severe
injury or even death.
Possible hazardous situation that could
lead to severe injury or even death.
Possible hazardous situation that could
lead to mild injury to persons or damage to

Start up

Description of the Appliance
When unpacking the product, make sure
that no accessories are missing and that
none of the package contents have been
damaged. If you detect any transport dam-
ages please contact your dealer.
 Illustrations on Page 2
1 Charger with charging cable
2 Basic appliance
3 Charging box
4 Charge/operations display
5 Support leg
6 Handle
7 ON/OFF switch for appliance
8 Dirt water reservoir, removable
9 Lock, dirt water reservoir
10 Separator
11 Unlocking device, separator
12 Attachment with removable lips, wide
13 Attachment with removable lips, narrow
14 Unlocking device, suction nozzle
15 Spray bottle
16 Spray lever
17 Wiping attachment
18 Fastening ring for the wiper attachment
19 Micro-fibre wiping pad
20 Window cleaner concentrate
Assemble the appliance
 Attach the suction nozzle to the separa-
tor until it snaps in place audibly
Note: Depending on the size and accessi-
bility of the surface to be cleaned, use the
appropriate suction nozzle. For example, a
narrow suction nozzle for multi-pane win-
dows, a wide suction nozzle for large win-
Attach the spray bottle and wiper
attachment and fill it with detergent
Note: Please note that after first activation
of the spray head transport lock will loosen.
Attach the wiping attachment
 Remove the spray head from the spray
 Attach the wiper attachment to the
spray head.
 Secure the wiper attachment and the
spray head with the fixating ring.
 Attach the wiper pad to the wiper at-
tachment and secure with Velcro.
Fill the spray bottle
 Fill the included concentrate (1 x 20 ml)
into the spray bottle and fill the bottle
slowly with clear water (makes 250 ml
of detergent solution).
 Close the bottle.
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Table of Contents

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