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System Connections; Cable Lengths - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Cable lengths

Data cables
Power cables
Installation Planning Guide

System connections

This chapter provides cable requirements for your 96/4635/180
system. To ensure all of your cable requirements are met, it is
important to work with your Xerox representative.
Cable lengths are important considerations in planning your
layout, as components can be separated only up to the length of
the data interface cables that connect them.
Cables supplied with the printer are of sufficient length to meet
the needs of most installations. Some of these cables are
specific lengths to conform to engineering and safety standards.
The printer components can be separated up to the length of the
data interface cables that connect them. The printer and
controller are connected by a 20-foot / 6.1 meter data cable.
The 96/4635/180 power cable lengths are as follows:
Table 7-1. Power cable lengths
Power cable
Printer controller
8 feet / 2.1 m
15 feet / 4.4 m
Using an inappropriate alternate cable may degrade the
performance of your equipment and may also be hazardous.
NOTE: Cable length loss must be factored in if equipment is
installed in a raised-floor environment. You should also consider
that part of the length of a cable is routed inside the equipment to
connect with interior power or data receptacles.


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