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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 175

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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DocuPrint NPS/IPS as a PSERVER
Functions like a Novell print server.
Connects to a Novell file server and
consumes a licensed connection.
Reads the Novell print queue directly
and obtains all the job parameters.
Not necessary for the user to disable the
print job banner.
No unusual delays in output of print
Services only one queue on one file
Supports user notification of the end of a
print job (completion of printing).
Can send a job ticket that references
one file on the Novell file server to which
the DocuPrint NPS/IPS is connected.
Installation Planning Guide
The RPRINTER configuration informs the submitter only
when the job has been submitted, even though it may print
days later.
PSERVER requires that unencrypted login is enabled on the
Novell File Server to which PSERVER connects. Regular
Novell clients will still use encrypted passwords.
RPRINTER does not require that unencrypted logins be
The following table lists the differences between DocuPrint NPS/
IPS as a print server or as a remote printer.
Table D-1. Print server and remote printer differences
DocuPrint NPS/IPS as an
Functions like a Novell remote printer.
Connects to a Novell print server
without consuming a licensed
Cannot read the Novell print queue;
receives only the job data, not the data
from the queue entry.
User must disable the banner for each
print job. If not disabled, the job prints
May be delays in output of print jobs
when jobs are not sent back-to-back.
The system views the start of a print
job as the end of a previous job.
May service multiple print queues
through the Novell print server.
Notifies user only when job submission
completes (does not notify user of print
Cannot reference files on a Novell file


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