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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 207

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Pinging the printer
Installation Planning Guide
6. Test the printer to ensure it prints from the MVS host
Test the printer by one of the following methods:
Send a job from the host through PSF to print on the printer.
Ping the printer from your MVS host to ensure MVS can
establish a connection with the TCP/IP-attached printer.
To ping the printer from the MVS host, enter one of the following
At your MVS host, enter the following command at the TSO
prompt or from the Interactive System Productivity Facility
(ISPF), menu 6:
PING ip-address
Enter the following command from any ISPF command line:
TSO ping ip-address
ip-address specifies the internet protocol (IP) address of the
If the ping is successful:
Table F-9. Example of a successful ping – MVS
EZA0458I Ping V3R1: Pinging host
(Use ATTN to interrupt)
EZA 0463I PING: Ping #1 response took 0.084 seconds.
Successes so far = 1.
NOTE: A successful ping usually indicates that the MVS system
can communicate with the printer. However, you could receive a
successful ping even if the IP address of the TCP/IP-attached
printer is a duplicate of another IP address.
If PSF is unable to establish a network connection with the TCP/
IP-attached printer, or if PSF output for this printer prints
elsewhere, follow these steps to determine whether the IP
address of the printer is unique:
1. Power off the printer.
2. Wait at least five minutes for TCP/IP to clear the Address
Resolution Protocol (ARP) tables.


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