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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 47

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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7 by 10 inch /
178 by 254 mm
Installation Planning Guide
3. Tray Unlock button
You can use this button any time the Please Wait indicator is
If the tray is in use when this button is pressed, the feed
selection changes to the backup tray if one exists.
Otherwise, printing stops.
If the tray is in use and selected as a backup tray, pressing
this button causes the tray elevator to lower and the tray is
no longer available for auto switching.
If the tray elevator is in the raised position and the tray is
not in use or selected as a backup tray, pressing this
button causes the elevator to lower with no effect on
printing operations.
4. Paper Level indicators
These indicators display the approximate quantity of paper
within the tray. The display shows paper by quarter reams up
to one ream, and then by full reams. The green indicator light
appears above the Paper Level indicator which shows the
amount of paper in the tray.
The optional 7 by 10 inch enablement feature allows your
DocuPrint 4635 and 180 NPS/IPS to print on paper sized from 7
by 10 inches / 178 by 254 mm to 9.02 by 14.33 inches/
230 by 364 mm.
NOTE: The 7 by 10 inch enablement feature is not available on
the DocuPrint 96 NPS/IPS.
The inverter is part of the inverter feeder/stacker module. It
allows for proper collation of the print job. It directs printed output
to the sample tray, when required. It also directs output to
optional third-party finishing devices in the proper orientation.
There is a high-capacity feeder (HCF) tray located in the bottom
half of each feeder/stacker module (trays 3, 4, 5 and 6,
depending on the number of feeder/stacker modules installed).
Each HCF tray can hold up to 2600 sheets of 20 pound or 80
gsm paper.


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