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System Components Overview; Connectivity Configurations - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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System components overview

DocuPrint NPS/
printer controller
printer interface
DocuPrint printer

Connectivity configurations

Installation Planning Guide
NOTE: For more information on specifying appropriate
resolution settings, refer to the Guide to Managing Print Jobs
and the Guide to Configuring and Managing the System. For
IPDS printing, refer to the to Solutions Guide for IPDS printing.
The entire DocuPrint NPS/IPS system includes the printer (also
known as an IOT or print engine), printer controller, printer
interface, and all appropriate software. "DocuPrint printer" or
"printer" refers to the base printer engine (IOT) only, without the
printer controller and interface.
The printer controller includes a processor, DVD-ROM (or CD-
ROM) drive, diskette drive, keyboard, mouse, and a monitor. The
printer controller accepts the print job from the client workstation
or host, converts the files into page images, and sends the page
images to the printer. The user interface at the printer controller
allows you to perform tasks such as monitoring job status,
prioritizing jobs, and configuring the system.
The printer interface cables provide high-speed data transport
and communication between the printer controller and the
The printer accepts data from the printer controller and prints the
document according to the print options specified by the user.
The printer also provides optional paper stacking and collating.
The NPS/IPS can process network PDL and IPDS jobs
To support the submission of jobs from a variety of hosts,
configuration possibilities include:
The same Token Ring or Ethernet connection can be used for
both IPDS and Postscript/PCL.
Both a Token Ring card and an Ethernet card can reside in
the Sun workstation controller, with one being used for IPDS
and the other for PostScript/PCL.
System overview


Table of Contents

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