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Connectivity Requirements; Ethernet Specifications - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Novell Network Information
Novell network information (DocuPrint NPS/IPS as a
print server)
Novell file server name
Print server name
Password for the print server
Queue name to service
Form names
Novell network information (DocuPrint NPS/IPS as a
remote printer)
Novell print server name
Printer names to service
IPX internal network number
LAN network number
Ethernet framing type (ETHERNET__II, 802.3, 802.2,
Table 4-4. AppleTalk preinstallation checklist
AppleTalk Network Information
AppleTalk Phase 1 or 2
AppleTalk zone name
Network device used for the AppleTalk protocol

Connectivity requirements

Ethernet specifications

Installation Planning Guide
Table 4-3. Novell preinstallation checklist
A Token Ring network or an Ethernet local area network (LAN)
running Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/
IP), AppleTalk, or Novell NetWare software is a network
communications system, which can be used as an alternative to
the channel-attached configuration in which data is transmitted
via bus and tag cables and the HCU. This network
communication system is used to transport documents from the
client workstation to the printer.
Reviewers: Should we keep the second or the third
paragraph below?
Information you supply
Information you supply


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