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Installation Planning Checklist - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Preparing for installation

Installation planning checklist

– Provide a list of the stocks you want in your default input
tray configuration.
– Review the NPS/IPS Installation Planning Guide
– Have the required parameters defined for configuring PSF
to print on the NPS/IPS. Refer to the "Defining the
channel attached printer to the host" or the "Defining the
printer to the host: TCP/IP attachment" appendix of this
guide for examples and explanations of these parameters.
Client workstations: Make sure all client workstations that
will be submitting print jobs have the proper hardware,
operating system, and networking software supported by the
DocuPrint system as client platforms.
– Select the personnel to undergo operator training.
– Set up the operator training schedules.
– Work with your Xerox system analyst to determine
requirements for the initial applications.
– In a mixed environment, where there is a variety of
printing systems, discuss print quality differences with
your service representative.
Make sure that your system specialists are familiar with the
operating system software specific to your IPS; operating system
software is not the same for all laser printing systems. If your
system specialists are familiar with one of these operating
systems and you are converting to or adding another, they
should be aware of the differences.
To aid you in installation planning of the DocuPrint NPS/IPS, this
section provides a checklist, listing tasks you and your service
representative need to complete in the weeks before installation.
If you have questions about any of these activities, contact your
sales or service representative.
Installation Planning Guide


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