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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 174

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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DocuPrint NPS/IPS on a Novell network
The PSERVER configuration uses a licensed connection to a
File Server. The RPRINTER configuration connects to a Print
Server, and does not require a regular client connection.
Using the PSERVER configuration, DocuPrint NPS/IPS can
obtain job attributes from the Novell Queue.
NOTE: The RPRINTER configuration can't do this, and this
leads to some irregularities, such as no job and submitter
names, as well as an inability to select duplex through the
submission interface.
The setting of the Novell banner pages switch operates
successfully using PSERVER (this toggles the ElideHeader
If Banner Page is requested with RPRINTER, DocuPrint
NPS/IPS prints a Novell-generated ASCII banner page as the
first page of a job, and will print the entire job as an ASCII file
(500 pages could be generated when requesting a banner
page regardless of the actual file contents.)
With PSERVER, multiple copies are requested as a job
attribute; DocuPrint NPS/IPS receives only one copy and
prints multiple copies.
With RPRINTER, since most remote printers can't
understand a request for multiple copies, the Print Server will
send the job multiple times to print multiple copies, tying up
network and DocuPrint NPS/IPS resources as the file is
With PSERVER, a DocuPrint NPS/IPS can receive jobs from
only one print queue on one File Server, but users can submit
jobs to different DocuPrint NPS/IPS virtual printers using
Novell forms. The administrator uses the PRINTDEF program
to create forms with the same name as DocuPrint NPS/IPS
virtual printers. Users then select a virtual printer by selecting
a form with the same name using the User Tools program in
the NetWare Tools folder of Windows, or the -F option in the
DOS CAPTURE command.
With RPRINTER, the Print Server can direct jobs to different
virtual printers, from multiple queues, possibly on multiple file
The PSERVER configuration allows the submitter to
determine when printing is complete. Jobs are retained in the
Novell queue until DocuPrint NPS/IPS completes printing
them. This may fill up the queue in some environments.
Installation Planning Guide


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