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Xerox Printing Systems Customer Support Center - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Xerox support services

Xerox Printing Systems Customer Support Center

In the United States, call the following number to report
DocuPrint hardware or software problems:
NOTE: This phone number is attached to your printer at
installation time.
Before contacting service, make note of the following:
Status code numbers and messages which appear on the
Status messages which appear on the printer control console
Indicator lights that are lit.
Your call is answered by a representative, who asks you for the
model number and the serial number for your printing system,
and for the following:
Serial number for your printing system
Your name
Company name
System condition or status.
Give this information to a customer service representative, who
will call you back to help you resolve the problem over the phone,
or to give you an estimated time of arrival.
Xerox support personnel may use the Sixth Sense feature to
access controller information via modem from a remote location.
More information about Sixth Sense can be found in the
Troubleshooting Guide.
The Xerox Printing Systems Customer Support Center is
available to address your application problems or to direct you to
the appropriate documentation.
The key to effective use of the Xerox Printing Systems Customer
Support Center is correct identification of the problem. Before
calling the center, it is helpful to have the following information
The correct name of your system, such as the Xerox
DocuPrint NPS/IPS, and the model, for example, 4635.
Installation Planning Guide


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