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Job Parameters; Using Novell Forms To Specify Virtual Printers - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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DocuPrint NPS/IPS on a Novell network

Job parameters

Using Novell forms to specify virtual printers

The following job parameters are affected when the DocuPrint
NPS/IPS is configured as a PSERVER:
Job description is used as the document name
Copies is used to set the number of copies
Sender name is set from the user name
Message is sent to the user when the job finishes printing or
is canceled, if you set the Notify flag
ElideHeaders is set to TRUE if you disable banner
Form name is used to specify the virtual printer.
Novell allows the user to specify a form that has a name,
number, length and width.
DocuPrint NPS/IPS uses Novell form names to specify virtual
If a Novell user wishes to access a given virtual printer, a
form with the same name as the virtual printer must be
defined by the NetWare administrator. The user must specify
that form for the job.
The Novell system administrator must create form names to
match the names of DocuPrint NPS/IPS virtual printers.
The form name can have a maximum of twelve characters,
and the first character must be alphabetic.
If a form name is not used, a virtual printer with the same name
as the queue is used.
Forms are defined on the Novell server using the Novell
PRINTDEF program. (Use a prefix such as "DP" to distinguish
them from other form names.)
NOTE: DocuPrint NPS/IPS is not using a form in the Novell
sense. It reads the name field of the form specified, and
interprets it as a DocuPrint virtual printer. None of the form
attributes other than name is read.
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