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Clearance Space Requirements; Shared Space - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Printer specifications and requirements

Clearance space requirements

Before installation, you must consider the following:
Clearance space requirements where you intend to install the
Recommended cable lengths and locations (refer to the
"System connections" chapter of this guide for more
Delivery access requirements
Floor leveling.
The printer must be installed in a fixed location that provides the
following clearance space:
36 inches / 91.4 cm on all sides of each component
24 inches / 61 cm of exclusive operator area in front of each
78 inches / 198 cm of vertical clearance throughout the entire
NOTE: There must be a total of 50 inches / 126.9 cm of
clearance space in front of the printer.

Shared space

It is best to provide the full amount of clearance space around
the hardware components. Your environment may require you to
use shared space between components, such as between the
printer and the printer controller or between the printer and
another Xerox printing system. You can share the 36-inch / 91.4
cm clearance space around each component, as long as you
follow these rules:
Space may be shared only with other Xerox equipment.
Components may share the 36-inch / 91.4 cm general
service clearance areas, but they may not share the 24-inch /
61 cm operator area in front of each component.
There must be 78 inches / 198 cm of vertical clearance
throughout the entire area.
Installation Planning Guide


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