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Software Licensing; Ongoing Maintenance - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Software licensing

Ongoing maintenance

There are two appendices in this guide which provide printer
configuration procedures and the parameters you must define in
order to configure PSF to make a connection with your DocuPrint
NPS/IPS. One appendix discusses channel-attached
environments; the other appendix provides information for
environments in which the printer uses TCP/IP to communicate
via Ethernet or Token Ring. Parameters are given for MVS
mainframes, AS/400, RS/6000 running AIX, and PS/2 or other
personal computers running OS/2.
When a DocuPrint NPS/IPS is purchased, the owner needs to
receive a license to use the operating system software. Once a
user calls in with a host ID, (Sun SPARC/Ultra host ID), the user
receives a license string. Refer to the "Setting up the printer
controller" chapter of the Guide to Configuring and Managing the
System (section titled "Loading the NPS/IPS software license
text stream").
This license is enabled by entering a 20-character authorization
text string at the printer controller keyboard. Your Xerox service
representative obtains this license text string for you and enters it
when your printer is installed.
Until this license string is entered, your printer cannot receive
data from the host to print. You can power on and boot the
system, and perform all offline tasks such as setting up input and
output configurations, but the printer remains in Disabled mode
and cannot print.
Although your service representative usually does this for you,
you also can enter your license string, by selecting NPS/IPS
Authorization Enablement from the Administration pulldown
menu on the NPS/IPS main window. Refer to your , "Setting up
the printer controller" chapter, for the procedure.NPS/IPS Guide
to Configuring and Managing the System
After the installation of your Xerox DocuPrint NPS, there are a
few ongoing tasks that must be performed. These tasks may
include the following:
Installation Planning Guide


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