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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 231

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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object file
offset printing
operating system
page orientation
Installation Planning Guide
1. System of geographically separate computers, linked to one
another over transmission lines.
2. Communication lines connecting a computer to its remote
Station, terminal, or computer that performs some control
operation and influences the operation of the network as a
Source file converted into machine language (binary code).
Devices not under the active control of a central processing unit.
For example, a computer makes output to a magnetic tape. The
tape is then used by an offline printing system to produce printed
data. Offline operations are much slower than online operations.
Refer to online.
To place pages currently being printed in slightly different
positions from previous pages.
A widely-used method of commercial and corporate printing,
where ink is picked up by a metal or paper plate, passed to an
offset drum, and then passed to the paper.
Devices under the direct control of a central processing unit, e.g.,
a printing system in interactive communication with a mainframe.
Refer to offline.
Basic host- controlling program that governs the operations of a
computer, such as job entry, input/output, and data
management. The operating system is always running when the
computer is active. Unlike other types of programs, it does not
run to an end point and stop.
1. In reference to image area, orientation describes whether the
printed lines are parallel to the long edge of the paper or the
short edge of the paper.
2. Choice of printing portrait (vertically) or landscape
Direction in which data is printed on a report. Refer to landscape
page orientation and portrait page orientation.
To read or interpret a command; build up a parameter list from
information within a command.
Personal computer. Family of computers that most commonly
run a version of DOS.


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