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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 81

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Installation Planning Guide
Allow at least 6 inches / 152 mm of unobstructed space at the
front and rear of the processor, so the fan and vents are not
The following illustration shows fan and vent locations on the
front and back of the controller.
Figure 5-4. Sun Ultra 60 fan and vent locations to keep clear
1. Vent in front of processor
2. Fan in back of processor
3. Vent in back of processor
Do not:
Do not place the controller monitor on top of the processor.
Do not allow any piece of equipment to blow warm air into the
air intake vents of the processor.
Do not place the processor on its side, or in any other
position but the upright, vertical position shown in the
previous figure.
Do not place the processor or monitor on top of the printer.


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