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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 230

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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logical page
long-edge feed
low-level language
megabyte (MB)
megahertz (MHz)
Collection of messages or message segments placed on an
auxiliary storage device for accounting or data collection
A logical page is defined by an origin location, thus allowing
more than one logical page to be placed on a physical page.
The movement of paper through the printer in the direction of the
paper length (the longer side of a sheet of paper). See also
short-edge feed.
Language that is close to machine language so that each written
instruction in a program can be converted to machine language
on a one-to-one basis.
Central processing unit (CPU) and memory of a large computer.
More often used to denote any large computer of the type that
might be used to control a group of smaller computers, terminals,
or other devices. Refer to host.
A parameter name for an end-of-job marker in the IPDS data
A unit of approximately one million bytes.
1. Unit of cycling speed (one million cycles per second) for an
electromagnetic wave (in particular, a radio wave).
2. The sending and receiving stations of a radio wave
transmission must be tuned in to the same unit of megahertz.
Information passed to the user or to a task within the system.
The information is usually associated with an error, fault, or
system condition.
Functionality that produces a Magnetic Ink Character
Recognition (MICR) line on negotiable and turnaround
documents such as checks and bills. The MICR printing system
prints documents using magnetic ink and special fonts to create
machine readable information that allows for quick document
processing. In general, MICR is used to print accounting and
routing information on blank checks and other negotiable
Group of different printing systems at the same location.
Device that converts digital information into an analog signal
suitable for sending over analog telecommunication lines. Also
converts an analog signal from telecommunication lines into
digital information.
Cohesive unit within a program. It is consistent in its level and
identifiable in terms of loading or with other units.
Installation Planning Guide


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