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Queue To Printer Relationships; Pconsole - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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DocuPrint NPS/IPS on a Novell network

Queue to printer relationships


The print queue software maintains a temporary record of
information for every print job. The information includes such
items as job number, job position in the queue, time the job
entered the queue, print server designated to print the job, user
ID of the person who submitted the job, and so on. The user can
access this information or cancel a job, using PCONSOLE, for
each queue.
Novell NetWare allows for flexibility in setting up different printing
configurations. Multiple queues and printers can be associated in
different ways to meet different needs, such as the following:
One queue to one printer
Multiple queues to one printer
One queue to many printers
Multiple queues to multiple printers.
PCONSOLE is the main Novell utility used for creating, viewing
and managing print queues. When you create a queue with
PCONSOLE, the Novell software sets up the queue directory
and a bindery entry. The bindery is the database of all users,
groups, and other defined entities on the NetWare file server.
NOTE: There is no PCONSOLE access at the DocuPrint NPS/
IPS Printer Controller.
You can perform the following tasks using PCONSOLE:
Add or remove the following:
– definitions of file servers serviced by the print server
– definitions of print queues serviced by the print server
– definitions of printers for a print server
– print servers
– users
– jobs to and from a queue
– queues
View or change job information
Installation Planning Guide


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