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Remote Printer (Rprinter; Docuprint Nps/Ips As A Print Server Or As A Remote Printer; Choosing A Print Server Or Remote Printer Configuration - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Remote printer (RPRINTER)

DocuPrint NPS/IPS as a print server or as a remote printer

Choosing a Print Server or Remote Printer Configuration

Installation Planning Guide
A Novell remote printer workstation (DocuPrint NPS/IPS Printer
Controller) is a vehicle for the print server to move print data to a
printer that is not directly connected to the print server. The
remote printer software runs on a workstation that connects to a
remote printer through a parallel or serial port.
The remote printer software communicates with a print server
running print server software. The print server services jobs from
the print queue and sends the data over the network through a
SPX connection to the RPRINTER. The RPRINTERSs are
associated with DocuPrint NPS/IPS virtual printers. There can
be up to sixteen RPRINTERs on the Novell file server. The
RPRINTER does not have access to the queue or the data for a
job in the queue. The RPRINTER configuration allows for
multiple queues to provide access to the attributes of the
associated virtual printers.
File/Print server
Remote printer
workstation running
Client Workstations
Before installing DocuPrint NPS/IPS on a Novell network, first
determine whether you want the DocuPrint to function as a print
server, or a remote printer.
The following contrasts the Print Server (PSERVER)
configuration with the Remote Printer (RPRINTER) configuration
for your DocuPrint NPS/IPS.


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