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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 228

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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header page
host interface
identifier (id)
image area
impressions per
minute (ipm)
in-front page
Physical components (mechanical, magnetic, electronic, etc.) of
a system, as opposed to programs, procedures, rules, and
associated documentation. The hardware is operated by
software and firmware.
Page printed at the beginning of a job that provides information
about the print job, such as the name of the document and the
job sender.
Numbering system with a base of 16. In this system, 10 through
15 represented by A through F, respectively.
Relative priority assigned to arithmetic or logical operations that
must be performed.
Programming language consisting of words and symbols that are
close to normal English and, therefore, readily understandable
by the user. High-level source languages are used for most
commercial programs.
Computer accessed by users which serves as a source of high-
speed data processing for workstations with less computer
power. Commonly referred to as mainframe.
Connection between network and host computer.
A printing industry standard color definition model in which all
colors are defined in terms of values for hue, saturation, and
brightness. Refer to color definition model.
Characters used to identify or name data and possibly to indicate
certain properties of that data.
Area on a physical page that may contain text or graphics.
Process of installing system hardware and software. Also the
process of converting a design into an actual working system.
The number of pages (one side) a printer can print during the
space of one minute. Used interchangeably with pages per
minute (ppm).
A term that refers to the top page of a double-sided sheet.
1. To prepare the magnetic surface of a blank diskette so that it
can accept data.
2. To set all information in a computer system to its starting
values (usually the first step is accomplished when a program
is booted).
Hardware that provides physical connection and electronic
communication between two hardware devices.
Installation Planning Guide


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