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Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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binary digit (bit)
bit mapped
bits per second
block length
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In the binary numbering system, either of the characters 0 or 1.
The bit is the basic unit of information with which a computer
works. It can take the form of a magnetized spot, an electric
pulse, a positive or negative charge, etc. A number of bits strung
together represents a character to a computer.
Multipliers are:
1 byte = 8 bits
1 kilobyte (KB) or 1,024 bytes = 8,192 bits
1 megabyte (MB) or 1,048,576 bytes = 8,388,608 bits.
Computer space equivalents are:
1.5 KB = about 1 single-spaced typed page
30 KB = about 20 typed pages
150 KB = about 100 typed pages
Electronic definition of an image, comprised of a matrix of picture
elements (pixels or dots), where a bit value of one means that
the picture element is imaged, and a bit value of zero means that
the picture element is not imaged. The number of picture
elements in a square area is a function of the display device
Display image generated bit by bit for each point or dot. A
software-driven scanner is used to create characters and/or
In serial communication, the instantaneous bit speed with which
a device or channel transmits a character.
Process of combining two or more records into a single block of
data which can then be moved, operated upon, stored, etc., as a
single unit by the computer.
Number of characters or bytes contained in a block of data (the
block is treated as a unit within the computer). Block length is
usually invariable within a system and may be specified in units
such as records, words, computer words, or characters.
To load a program's initial instructions of a program into the
computer's memory. These instructions then direct the loading of
the rest of the program. Booting may require entry of a few
commands at the keyboard or the flip of a switch to begin the
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