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Docuprint Nps/Ips On A Novell Network; Novell Netware Overview; Print Queues - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Novell NetWare overview

Print queues

Installation Planning Guide
D. DocuPrint NPS/IPS on a Novell
This appendix provides a brief overview of Novell NetWare, and
describes some of the considerations you must make before the
service representative installs DocuPrint NPS/IPS on a Novell
NOTE: This information does not apply to IPDS printing.
In a Novell network, clients who connect to the file server are
authenticated and maintain an open connection. Communication
is through the file server and not client-to-device.
Communications are typically on an Ethernet or Token Ring LAN.
Novell NetWare software receives and queues print jobs. It
assigns priorities to incoming jobs and tracks information about
each job. It sends print jobs to the printer, and contains a series
of utilities and menus to set up, manage, and manipulate print
DocuPrint NPS/IPS supports Novell NetWare versions 3.11 and
NOTE: Customers using Novell 4.1 must set the Bindery
Emulation Mode to be compatible with Novell 3.12.
A print queue is a holding area on the file server where print jobs
are stored until a printer is ready. A queue allows multiple users
to send jobs to the same printer at the same time. The queue
software accepts and tracks jobs to enable users to view,
remove, and change values of jobs while they are in the queue.
Each queue has a directory on a hard disk. A print job sent to a
queue is stored as a file within that directory. Once the job is
printed, the file is removed from the queue directory.


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