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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 227

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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fixed disk
fixed font
fixed pitch
fixed spacing
form feed
hard disk
Installation Planning Guide
Permanent programs stored in read-only memory (ROM).
Disk drive that is mounted within a computer and is not
Font containing characters with fixed spacing.
Font set in which every character cell has the same width. In
reference to character sets, this term describes typefaces in
which all character cells are of equal width. Monospaced as
opposed to proportional spaced.
Arrangement of characters on a line so that all characters occupy
the same amount of horizontal space.
Small indicator marking the occurrence of an event or the
existence of a certain condition while the program is executing.
A complete set of alphanumeric characters and punctuation
marks, having common characteristics such as style, width,
height, and weight.
1. Compiled forms source library (.FSL) file. 2. Printed or typed
document with blank spaces for inserting information. Specific
arrangement of lines, text, and graphics stored in a computer
under an identifying name. Page of data that, when preceded by
proper commands, is stored on the system disk as a permanent
file. It may be merged with variable data by a form start
command. See also FDL; FSL.
1. Layout of a document, including margins, page length, line
spacing, typeface, etc.
2. In data storage, the way the surface of a disk is organized to
store data.
3. To prepare the surface of a disk for acceptance of data.
Keyboard/printer control character that causes the printer to skip
the top of the next page.
forms source library. Uncompiled collection of user-created files
containing FDL commands. Refer to FDL; form.
To affix dry ink to paper by heat or pressure or a combination of
High capacity feeder. An optional feeder module containing two
feeder trays that work independently with the standard feeder
trays 1 and 2. The HCF increases the feeder capacity by
approximately 2,000 sheets and allows automatic tray switching
and increased uninterrupted printing time.
See fixed disk.


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