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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 69

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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AppleTalk network
Xerox client
lpr and lpd
UNIX command
Retry count
Installation Planning Guide
Select a password that cannot be easily obtained by others to
avoid unauthorized access to your account. This is not the same
password used for Operator or Administrator functions.
If the DocuPrint NPS/IPS is installed in an AppleTalk network
environment, indicate whether your AppleTalk network is phase
1 or 2. Also, indicate the AppleTalk zone name you want the
DocuPrint to locate. The zone name must be the same name as
the existing zone used on the network to which the DocuPrint is
attached. In addition, you must specify the network device on
which AppleTalk runs.
NOTE: Do not use the ampersand ("&") in the zone name to
avoid conflict with UNIX expressions. If the ampersand character
must be used, enter "\\&" instead.
Indicate whether to set an interval on the system to automatically
purge accounting information. If accounting information is not
purged manually or automatically, the system disk can reach
storage limits. To keep your system running at optimum speed,
you need to periodically purge accounting data.
Indicate whether you have Xerox client software installed, and
are supporting Xerox clients on the network.
Indicate whether to enable client use of lpr and lpd job
submission and status commands.
Indicate whether to have a UNIX command tool available for use
in the background menu.
Determine whether the DocuPrint NPS/IPS system supports a
print production environment, or whether the system remains
unattended. Once you determine the environment the DocuPrint
NPS/IPS supports, you must decide the number of attempts the
system makes to print a job before a sequencer restart causes
the job to be held for intervention.
If the DocuPrint NPS/IPS supports a print production
environment, you may want to specify a large number or zero
as the number of attempts the system makes to retry a print
job. (Zero indicates an infinite number of retries.)


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