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Printer Controller Software And Fonts - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Display monitor

Printer controller software and fonts

Installation Planning Guide
Cartridge tape drive: The Sun Ultra 60 offers an optional 8
GB, 4 mm external SCSI cartridge tape drive. Unlike the
diskette and CD drives, this tape drive is not an input source
for print jobs or for any other data or application. It provides
the service representative with another means of loading
system maintenance files or saving diagnostic information.
The keyboard consists of alphanumeric keys similar to a
typewriter, symbols and special character keys, an extended
character set, and function keys. You can use the keyboard to
make selections, and to enter commands that control functions
such as requesting sample prints, or shutting down the system.
The mouse is another main method of communicating with the
The display monitor has a high-resolution color screen, which
displays the user interface screen.
NOTE: For information on channel-attached systems, refer to
the chapter, "IPDS printing environment".
NOTE: Printer controller hardware configurations are subject to
The installation of printer controller software is performed by your
service representative once all the hardware components are in
place and properly connected. The following is a summary of
major software components installed on the printer controller:
Xerox printer controller software
– UNIX Sun operating system
NOTE: The Sun operating system used on the controller
is based on the standard Sun operating system; however,
it has been customized for use with the Xerox printer
controller. Therefore, not all standard Sun operating
system features are available.


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