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Novell Network Information; Docuprint As A Print Server (Pserver) - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Preparing for installation

Novell network information

If the DocuPrint NPS/IPS is unattended, you may want to
specify only one or two retries to print a job.
The Novell network information you provide to your service
representative is based on whether you configure the DocuPrint
as a print server or a remote printer. Refer to this chapter and
your Novell network administrator for assistance, if necessary.

DocuPrint as a print server (PSERVER)

Provide the following information to the service representative if
you configure DocuPrint NPS/IPS as a print server on the Novell
network (for further information, refer to the "Installation process"
section in the "Installation" chapter of this guide):
Novell file server name: Indicates the name of the file
server that the DocuPrint NPS/IPS services. The file server
must have the appropriate print server definition and the
queue to be serviced.
Print server name: Indicates the name used by the
DocuPrint NPS/IPS print server. A print server definition with
this name must exist on the file server that the DocuPrint
NPS/IPS services. A single printer (type Remote Other/
Unknown) must be defined for this print server and the queue
(refer to the queue name below).
Password for the print server: Refers to a password you
may have added in the print server definition (using
PCONSOLE). It is not necessary to add a password to a print
server, and there is no default password.
Queue name to service: Refers to the name of the queue
from which the DocuPrint print server accepts jobs. The
queue must be defined on the file server that the DocuPrint
NPS/IPS services. The single printer that must be defined for
the print server (as stated above) must also be defined to
service the specified queue.
Form names: Distinct form names for DocuPrint NPS/IPS
that map to the DocuPrint virtual printer names.
Installation Planning Guide


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