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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 26

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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System overview
VM (channel-attached only)
VSE (channel-attached only)
OS/400 (with TCP/IP only)
NOTE: Although PSF/VSE does not support TCP/IP directly, a
printing system with PSF/2, PSF/6000, or InfoPrint Manager can
attach to a PSF/VSE system and the PSF/2, PSF/6000, or
InfoPrint Manager can furnish the TCP/IP support for the printer.
NOTE: There is no minimum host operating system software
level required. The minimum PSF level needed to support full
color is v.3.2.
The NPS/IPS can be set up to receive data from the IBM host in
one of two ways:
Through a bus and tag channel connection.
NOTE: If your system will be channel-attached, the printer
controller requires an additional component—either a
channel interface board and channel cable connector box, or
a Host Channel Unit (HCU) that serves as an interface
between the IBM host and the printer controller.
Through a Token Ring or Ethernet interface using TCP/IP.
NOTE: Your system supports only one other connectivity
option in addition to Ethernet. For example, Ethernet and
channel connection or Ethernet and Token Ring.
NOTE: A transmission rate of at least 16 megabits per
second should be used with a Token Ring interface. (Overall
performance depends on network traffic and job density.)
Installation Planning Guide


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