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Network Pdl Printing Environment - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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System overview

Network PDL printing environment

supplied client PC
or workstation
supplied network
MO:DCA-P: Mixed Object Document Content Architecture for
PTOCA PT1, PT2, and PT3: Presentation Text Object
Content Architecture
IOCA: Image Object Content Architecture
GOCA: Graphics Object Content Architecture
BCOCA: Bar code Object Content Architecture
OL1: Overlay One
PS1: Page Segment One
Line mode data streams
Each of the data objects follow the same object rule of containing
delimiting fields with structured fields describing each object.
Figure 1-5. DocuPrint printer system components
1. Customer-supplied client PC or workstation
2. Customer-supplied network
3. Xerox-supplied printer controller
4. Xerox-supplied printer interface
5. DocuPrint printer
Users create their documents at the networked client PCs or
workstations using software applications that generate PDL
output. When ready to print, users submit the documents to the
printer controller.
The customer needs to supply one or more of the following
Installation Planning Guide


Table of Contents

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