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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 50

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Printer components and options
Sample button
Sample tray
Printer console
NOTE: When the attention light starts flashing, an explanatory
message appears on the printer console display. A similar
message appears on the printer controller screen.
The Sample button on the 180, 4635, or 96 printer duplicates
one of the sheets in the paper path and delivers it to the sample
tray. This sheet can be used to check quality and alignment while
printing. The button is disabled for MICR printers.
The sample tray located on top of the printer holds up to 100
sheets of paper. It receives output such as transparencies,
sample prints or system files, and waste sheets that cannot be
sent to the purge tray.
The printer console is the color monitor located on top of the
printer. It contains message areas and graphic displays that alert
you to paper jams and other fault conditions, such as low toner.
The printer console also contains buttons that allow you to
control certain functions of the printer, such as continuing an
interrupted job, without returning to the printer controller.
The printer console has the following features:
Local controls and displays for jam clearance, paper loading/
unloading, and diagnostics/service (used by the service
representative). Two types of messages are displayed on the
printer console: fault messages, which relate to printer
malfunctions, and information messages, which relate to
printer conditions such as low dry ink.
Touch-sensitive areas that allow you to select options by
touching the printer console screen. A tone sounds when you
touch one of these areas.
Printer alarm consisting of three beeps, repeated for ten
seconds. The alarm is generated by any event that stops the
The alarm stops after three cycles or as soon as you start to
clear the fault condition (for example, when you open doors or
covers specified in the clearance instructions). You can stop the
alarm by pressing one of the printer console buttons or by
selecting a function through the touch screen.
Installation Planning Guide


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