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Your Responsibilities - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Your responsibilities

4. Xerox personnel downloads Xerox client software if
applicable, on one client workstation to validate the
installation (15 minutes). Software is downloaded on another
client workstation as part of training conducted by your
systems analyst. All other client software installations are
your responsibility. Refer to the Xerox DocuPrint NPS/IPS
Guide to Configuring and Managing the System for more
If your site uses third-party Transmission Control Protocol/
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) lpr networking software, refer to
the Xerox DocuPrint NPS/IPS Guide to Configuring and
Managing the System for information on modifying the
printcap file.
5. Xerox personnel tests the system and runs sample jobs (30
6. Xerox personnel conducts initial operations training (2 to 4
7. Xerox personnel reviews preventive maintenance schedules
and service call procedures.
Xerox is responsible for the physical installation of the printer
components and for loading the software and applications. You
have the general site responsibility of ensuring that the right
personnel, supplies, and network information are available.
At the time of installation, you should do the following:
Make sure that your system administrator is available during
the loading of software.
For software loading purposes, be prepared to provide Xerox
personnel with network information from the preinstallation
checklist. Refer to the "Setting up the work area" chapter of
this guide for specifics regarding network information.
Designate two client workstations for downloading Xerox
client software if applicable: one for initial system validation
and another for use in operator training provided by your
systems analyst.
Check the documentation and software kits with their packing
lists for completeness.
Installation Planning Guide


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