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Ibm Reference Manuals - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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IBM reference manuals

The documentation set also includes an electronic version, the
DocuPrint NPS/IPS Interactive Customer Documentation CD.
If you require further information about the various AFP products
and system architectures, refer to these IBM publications. Note
that the publication numbers shown are current as of the date
this document was published. For the most current publication
numbers, contact IBM.
Guide to Advanced Function Presentation (G544-3876-00)
contains a comprehensive overview of AFP and AFP
Mixed Object Document Content Architecture Reference
(SC31-6802-04) describes the functions and elements that
make up MO:DCA data streams.
Page Printer Formatting Aid/370: User's Guide (S544-5284-
03) contains information about the PPFA product that is used
to create AFP page definitions and form definitions.
Page Printer Formatting Aid/370: Command Quick Reference
(G544-3701-04) provides general information about Page
Printer Formatting Aid/370 (PPFA/370). It contains
information on program invocation, symbolic information,
syntax rules, and the command syntax for the PPFA/370
Overlay Generation Language/370 User's Guide and
Reference (S544-3702-03) summarizes the basic information
required to define and to generate an overlay using the IBM
Overlay Generation Language/370 (OGL/ 370) licensed
program. It also includes information on program invocation
(in MVS, VSE, and VM), symbolics, syntax rules, and the
command syntax for the OGL/370 commands.
The Continuing Evolution of Advanced Function Printing (by
Howarth and Plate, IBM Systems Journal, VOL 32, NO 4,
1993) traces the continuing evolution of AFP, its usage, and
how it addresses the presentation requirements of
businesses in the 1990s.
Advanced Function Printing-From Print to Presentation
(G321-5528-00), describes some of the software products
and how they use the architecture. It also describes possible
future directions for AFP and related technologies.
Installation Planning Guide


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