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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 223

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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bypass transport
CCU changeout
carriage return
central processing
unit (CPU)
character cell
character code
character set
characters per
inch (cpi)
Installation Planning Guide
Compartment of memory in which data is stored during transfer
from one device to another. Useful for (1) accumulating data into
blocks before storage or processing, and (2) for adjusting
differences of speed between devices, or between a device and
a communicating facility.
Optional module that moves paper from the printer to a finishing
Fixed number of bits (in data processing, usually 8) operated
upon as a unit. A byte may represent a character, a machine
instruction, or some other logical unit of information.
Customer changeable unit. In the DocuPrint Model 92C, the unit
is removed to change the color of the dry ink installed in the
printer. Consists of the color developer housing and the dry ink
Cart used to remove and install the customer changeable unit for
changing the color dry ink installed in the printer.
Control character that (unless set to be interpreted as a line end)
causes the printing system to start printing at the left margin of
the current line.
Treating lowercase and uppercase characters differently.
Interprets and executes instructions, performs all operations and
calculations, and controls input and output units and auxiliary
1. In data communications, a path or line that enables two or
more devices to communicate (sometimes called a circuit,
facility, or link).
2. In computers, a path for communication between the central
processing unit (CPU) and input/output units, or between the
CPU and peripheral devices.
Single printable letter (A-Z), numeral (0-9), symbol (& % #), or
punctuation mark (, . ! ?) used to represent data. Characters can
also be nonprinting, such as space, tab, or carriage return.
Digitized space containing a single character within a font set.
Code representing alphanumeric information, for example,
Number of different characters used by a particular device,
including alphabetic, numeric, and special characters such as
Designates the number of characters per inch for a particular
typeface. Refer to pitch.


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