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Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual page 233

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Random Access
Memory (RAM)
raster data
raster output
scanner (ROS)
Memory (ROM)
read/write head
real time
short-edge feed
simplex printing
small computer
system interface
Installation Planning Guide
Volatile memory used for temporary storage of data and software
commands, used by programs for immediate task processing.
Binary data, usually consisting of dots arranged in scan lines,
according to the print order.
The creation of a bitmap image of a page for printing.
Raster output scanner. A motor–driven laser scanning system.
Solid-state memory for programs. It cannot be rewritten.
A small electromagnet that reads, writes, and erases data in the
form of magnetic dots on the surface of an external storage
medium, such as a magnetic disk.
To process transactions as they are entered into a system. User
and system interchange allow transactions to be processed and
the results returned to the user.
The number of dots per unit. An imaging system converts a
character from digitized data into a printed image composed of
these tiny dots. The greater the number of dots per inch (i.e.,
higher the resolution), the clearer the image is produced.
Method of ordering messages, records within a file, or
statements in a program according to rank or time of entry.
In numeric sequence, usually in ascending order. As applied to a
file organization, describes files in which records are written one
after another and cannot be randomly accessed. For example,
the first 99 records in a sequential file-access file have to be read
before the 100th record is accessible.
The movement of paper through the printer in the direction of the
paper width (the shorter side of a sheet of paper).
Printing on one side of the page. See also duplex printing.
An accepted standard for connecting devices to computers.
Programs, including operating systems, procedures, utilities,
applications programs, etc., written for a system.
See application software.
Process of releasing data from main memory and storing it
temporarily until a peripheral device is ready to accept it, e.g.,
storing text before sending it to a printer.


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