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Client Networking Software; Responsibilities - Xerox DocuPrint 100 Installation Planning Manual

Xerox docuprint 100: install guide
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Installation Planning Guide
Apple Macintosh, System 7.x or 8.x, using AppleTalk through
EtherTalk, phase 1 or 2
Any system that supports RFC-1179 lpr/lpd
NPS/IPS software may be compatible with workstation models
and software versions other than those listed above.

Client networking software

TCP/IP networking software, Novell, or Apple Macintosh Printer
Access Protocol (PAP) networking software must be installed on
your client workstations. This software provides network
communuication with the printer controller, which allows you to
submit print jobs and check job status.
To submit jobs, you need a driver, a job submission client like
XDS or the Xerox client software, or lpr capability.
NOTE: The printing options available to a client user vary
according to the networking software loaded on the client
For additional information on submitting jobs from a client
workstation, refer to the Guide to Submitting Jobs from the
It is your responsibility to supply, install, and maintain hardware
and software on any PC, Unix workstation, or Macintosh system
used to generate documents for printing on the DocuPrint
printers. You are also responsible for obtaining, installing, and
maintaining the required Ethernet LAN or Token Ring network,
transceivers, cables, and connectors.
Xerox is responsible for the physical installation and service of
the printer and printer controller hardware and software
components. You have the general responsibility for the site of
ensuring that the right personnel, supplies, and that network
hardware and software is available. Refer to the "Preparing for
installation" chapter of this guide for a detailed description of the
shared responsibilities of the customer and of Xerox.
System overview


Table of Contents

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