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Troubleshooting; Types Of Trouble And Their Solutions - Sony Handycam DCR-TRV141E Operating Instructions Manual

Digital 8 video camera recorder.
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— Troubleshooting —

Types of trouble and their solutions

If you run into any problem using your camcorder, use the following table to troubleshoot the
problem. If the problem persists, disconnect the power source and contact your Sony dealer or local
authorised Sony service facility. If "C: ss:ss" appears on the screen, the self-diagnosis display
function has worked. See page 136.
In the recording mode
START/STOP does not operate.
The power goes of f.
The image on the viewfinder scr een
is not clear .
The SteadyShot function does not
The autofocusing function does not
The pictur e does not appear in the
viewfinder .
A vertical band appears when you
shoot a subject such as lights or a
candle flame against a dark
backgr ound.
A vertical band appears when you
shoot a very bright subject.
Some tiny white spots appear on the
Cause and/or Corrective Actions
• The POWER switch is set to OFF (CHG) or VCR.
c Set it to CAMERA. (p. 25)
• The tape has run out.
c Rewind the tape or insert a new one. (p. 23, 37)
• The write-protect tab is set to expose the red mark.
c Use a new tape or slide the tab. (p. 24)
• The tape is stuck to the drum (moisture condensation).
c Remove the cassette and leave your camcorder for at least 1
hour to acclimatize. (p. 154)
• While being operated in CAMERA mode, your camcorder has
been in the standby mode for more than 3 minutes.
c Set the POWER switch to OFF (CHG) and then to CAMERA
again. (p. 25)
• The battery pack is dead or nearly dead.
c Install a fully charged battery pack. (p. 14, 15)
• The viewfinder lens is not adjusted.
c Adjust the viewfinder lens. (p. 30)
• STEADYSHOT is set to OFF in the menu settings.
c Set it to ON. (p. 121)
• 16:9WIDE is set to ON in the menu settings.
c Set it to OFF. (p. 121)
• The setting is the manual focus mode.
c Press FOCUS to return to the auto focus mode. (p. 61)
• Shooting conditions are not suitable for autofocus.
c Adjust to focus manually. (p. 61)
• The LCD panel is open.
c Close the LCD panel. (p. 27)
• The contrast between the subject and background is too high.
This is not a malfunction.
• This is not a malfunction.
• Slow shutter, Super NightShot or Colour Slow Shutter mode is
activated. This is not a malfunction.
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