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Sony Handycam DCR-TRV141E Operating Instructions Manual Page 132

Digital 8 video camera recorder.
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Types of trouble and their solutions
An unknown pictur e is displayed on
the scr een.
The pictur e is r ecor ded in incor rect
or unnatural colours.
The pictur e appears too bright, and
the subject does not appear on the
A horizontal black band appears
when shooting a TV scr een or
computer scr een.
In the playback mode
The picture does not appear on the
screen when playing back a tape.
The tape does not move when a
video contr ol button is pr essed.
The playback button does not work.
There ar e horizontal lines on the
picture or the playback pictur e is not
clear or does not appear .
No sound or only a low sound is
hear d when playing back a tape.
The date sear ch does not work
The new sound added to the
recorded tape is not hear d.
Cause and/or Corrective Actions
• If 10 minutes elapse after you set the POWER switch to
CAMERA or DEMO MODE is set to ON in the menu settings
without a cassette inserted, your camcorder automatically
starts the demonstration.
c Insert a cassette and the demonstration stops.
You can also cancel DEMO MODE. (p. 124)
• NIGHTSHOT is set to ON.
c Set it to OFF. (p. 34)
• NIGHTSHOT is set to ON in a bright place.
c Set it to OFF, or use the NightShot function in a dark place.
(p. 34)
• The backlight function is working.
c Cancel it. (p. 33)
• Set STEADYSHOT to OFF in the menu settings. (p. 121)
Cause and/or Corrective Actions
• The tape is recorded in the Hi8
(analogue) system.
• The POWER switch is set to CAMERA or OFF (CHG).
c Set it to VCR. (p. 37)
• The tape has run out.
c Rewind the tape. (p. 37)
• The video head may be dirty.
c Clean the heads using the Sony V8-25CLD cleaning cassette
(optional). (p. 155)
• The stereo tape is played back with HiFi SOUND set to 2 in the
menu settings.
c Set it to STEREO. (p. 122)
• The volume is turned to minimum.
c Open the LCD panel and press VOLUME +. (p. 37)
• AUDIO MIX is set to ST2 side in the menu settings.
c Adjust AUDIO MIX. (p. 122)
• The tape has a blank portion in the recorded portions.
(p. 84)
• AUDIO MIX is set to ST1 side in the menu settings.
c Adjust AUDIO MIX. (p. 122)
/standard 8 mm


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