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Sony DCR-TRV140E Service Manual

Digital 8 video camera recorder.
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Level 1
Ver 1.0 2001. 12
Video camera
Video recording system
2 rotary heads
Helical scanning system
Audio recording system
Rotary heads, PCM system
Quantization: 12 bits (Fs 32 kHz,
stereo 1, stereo 2), 16 bits
(Fs 48 kHz, stereo)
Video signal
PAL colour, CCIR standards
Recommended cassette
Hi8/Digital8 video cassette
Recording/playback time (using
90 min. Hi8/Digital 8 video
SP mode: 1 hour
LP mode: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Fastforward/rewind time (using
90 min. Hi8/Digital 8 video
Approx. 5 min.
Electric Viewfinder (monochrome)
Image device
4.5 mm (1/4 type) CCD
(Charge Coupled Device)
Approx. 540 000 pixels
(Effective: Approx. 350 000 pixels)
Combined power zoom lens
Filter diameter 37 mm (1 7/16 in.)
20× (Optical), 560× (Digital)
Focal length
3.6 - 72 mm (5/32 - 2 7/8 in.)
When converted to a 35 mm
still camera
41 - 820 mm (1 5/8 - 32 3/8 in.)
Colour temperature
Minimum illumination
1 lx (lux) (F 1.4)
0 lx (lux) (in the NightShot mode)*
* Objects unable to be seen due to
the dark can be shot with infrared
S video output
4-pin mini DIN
Luminance signal: 1 Vp-p,
75 Ω (ohms), unbalanced
Chrominance signal: 0.3 Vp-p,
75 Ω (ohms), unbalanced
Audio/Video output
AV MINIJACK, 1 Vp-p, 75 Ω
(ohms), unbalanced, sync negative
327 mV, (at output impedance more
than 47 kΩ (kilohms))
Output impedance with less than
2.2 kΩ (kilohms)/Stereo minijack
(ø 3.5 mm)
DV output
4-pin connector
USB jack
LCD screen
6.2 cm (2.5 type)
50.3 × 37.4 mm
(2 × 1 1/2 in.)
Total dot number
61 600 (280 × 220)
North European Model
Power requirements
7.2 V (battery pack)
8.4 V (AC power adaptor)
Average power consumption
(when using the battery pack)
During camera recording using
3.5 W
2.8 W
Operating temperature
0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Recommended charging
10 °C to 30 °C (50 °F to 86 °F)
Storage temperature
–20 °C to +60 °C (–4 °F to +140 °F)
Dimensions (Approx.)
90 × 102 × 197 mm
(3 5/8 × 4 1/8 × 7 7/8 in.) (w/h/d)
Mass (approx.)
860 g (1 lb 14 oz)
main unit only
1.0 kg (2 lb 3 oz)
including the battery pack
NP-FM30, 90 min. Hi8/Digital 8
cassette, lens cap and shoulder
AC power adaptor
Power requirements
100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
23 W
AEP Model
UK Model
East European Model
Russian Model
Output voltage
DC OUT: 8.4 V, 1.5 A in the
operating mode
Operating temperature
0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Storage temperature
–20 °C to +60 °C (–4 °F to +140 °F)
Dimensions (approx.)
125 × 39 × 62 mm
(5 × 1 9/16 × 2 1/2 in.) (w/h/d)
excluding projecting parts
Mass (approx.)
280 g (9.8 oz)
excluding mains lead

Battery pack

Maximum output voltage
DC 8.4 V
Output voltage
DC 7.2 V
5.0 Wh (700 mAh)
Operating temperature
0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Dimensions (approx.)
38.2 × 20.5 × 55.6 mm
(1 9/16 × 13/16 × 2 1/4 in.)
Mass (approx.)
65 g (2.3 oz)
Lithium ion
Design and specifications are
subject to change without notice.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Battery Pack

    DCR-TRV140E RMT-814 SERVICE MANUAL AEP Model UK Model Level 1 East European Model North European Model Russian Model Ver 1.0 2001. 12 M2000 MECHANISM SPECIFICATIONS Colour temperature Output voltage Video camera General Auto DC OUT: 8.4 V, 1.5 A in the...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    DCR-TRV140E TABLE OF CONTENTS Section Title Page Section Title Page SERVICE NOTE Dubbing a Tape ............... 44 Dubbing a Tape Easily – Easy Dubbing ........45 Power Supply During Repairs ........4 Dubbing Only Desired Scenes – Digital Program Editing ..48...
  • Page 4: Service Note

    DCR-TRV140E SERVICE NOTE POWER SUPPLY DURING REPAIRS In this unit, about 10 seconds after power is supplied (8.4 V) to the battery terminal the power is shut off so that the unit cannot oper- ate. This following two methods are available to prevent this. Take note of which to use during repairs.
  • Page 5: Note For Repair

    DCR-TRV140E NOTE FOR REPAIR When remove a connector, don’t pull at wire of connector. It is possible that a wire is snapped. Make sure that the flat cable and flexible board are not cracked of bent at the terminal. Do not insert the cable insufficiently nor crookedly.
  • Page 6: Self-diagnosis Function

    DCR-TRV140E SELF-DIAGNOSIS FUNCTION Self-diagnosis Function Self-diagnosis Display When problems occur while the unit is operating, the counter of When problems occur while the unit is operating, the self-diagno- the viewfinder or Display window shows a 4-digit display consist- sis function starts working, and displays on the viewfinder or Dis- ing of an alphabet and numbers, which blinks at 3.2 Hz.
  • Page 7: Self-diagnosis Code Table

    DCR-TRV140E Self-diagnosis Code Table Self-diagnosis Code Block Detailed Symptom/State Correction Function Code Non-standard battery is used. Use the InfoLITHIUM battery. Condensation. Remove the cassette, and insert it again after one hour. Video head is dirty. Clean with the optional cleaning cassette.
  • Page 8 DCR-TRV140E Self-diagnosis Code Block Detailed Symptom/State Correction Function Code EEPROM data error Initialize page data (EEPROM) Inspect the lens block focus reset sensor (Pin qs of CN1551 of Difficult to adjust focus VC-273 board) when focusing is performed when the control dial (Cannot initialize focus.)
  • Page 9: Main Parts

    DCR-TRV140E 1. MAIN PARTS Note: • Items marked “*” are not stocked since they are seldom required for routine service. The components identified by mark 0 or dotted Some delay should be anticipated when ordering these items. line with mark 0 are critical for safety.
  • Page 10: Disassembly

    DCR-TRV140E 2. DISASSEMBLY • This set can be disassembled in the order shown below. 2-1. LCD ASSEMBLY, PD-156 BOARD (page 11) 2-2. VF LENS ASSEMBLY, VF-150 BOARD (page 11) 2-3. VIDEO LIGHT AND FRONT PANEL ASSEMBLY (page 12) 2-5. CASSETTE LID ASSEMBLY 2-4.
  • Page 11: Lcd Assembly, Pd-156 Board

    DCR-TRV140E Note: Follow the disassembly procedure in the numerical order given. 2-1. LCD ASSEMBLY, PD-156 BOARD qf Claw qd Claw 4 P cabinet (C) qg Indication LCD block assembly 7 Two tapping qa PD-156 board screws 2 Two screws (M2)
  • Page 12: Video Light And Front Panel Assembly

    DCR-TRV140E 2-3. VIDEO LIGHT AND FRONT PANEL ASSEMBLY 3 Two screws (M2) 4 Screw (M2) 2 Jack cover 5 Two screws (M2) Wire 8 FP-418 flexible board Video light Hole (CN752) 6 Two claws 1 Remove the video light while pushing the hole Note: Remove it while under the video light using a wire.
  • Page 13: Cabinet (r) Assembly

    DCR-TRV140E 2-6. CABINET (R) ASSEMBLY 8 USB lid 6 Control switch block (CN1007) 1 Screw 2 Screw (M2) (M2) 7 Screw (tripod) 5 Harness (PD-115) (CN1003) 4 Cabinet (R) assembly 3 Three screws (M2) 2-7. EVF BLOCK 2-8. BATTERY PANEL BLOCK...
  • Page 14: Lens Assembly

    DCR-TRV140E 2-9. LENS ASSEMBLY 1 Lens flexible board (CN1551) 2 FP-400 flexible board (CN1501) 4 Screw (P M2) 7 Two tapping screws 8 Lens frame 3 Two screws 6 Lens block (P M2) 9 Lens assembly 5 Claw – 14 –...
  • Page 15: Vc-273 Board

    DCR-TRV140E 2-10. VC-273 BOARD 8 Control switch block (CN1008) 5 Screw (P M2) 9 FP-398 flexible board (CN1001) 7 VC-273 board 2 MD frame (B) 6 Claw 1 Two screws (P M2) 4 Four flexible boards 3 Connector (CN3101, 4402, 4403, 4404) (CN4401) 2-11.
  • Page 16: Repair Parts List

    DCR-TRV140E 3. REPAIR PARTS LIST 3-1. EXPLODED VIEWS The components identified by mark 0 or dotted line with mark 0 are critical for safety. NOTE: Replace only with part number speci- • The mechanical parts with no reference number in •...
  • Page 17: Cabinet (r) Block

    DCR-TRV140E 3-1-2. CABINET (R) BLOCK EVF block (See page 18) LCD block (See page 17) Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark 1-476-977-21 SWITCH BLOCK, CONTROL (CF-2000) 3-072-206-11 LID (20), USB 3-072-500-01 TAPE (N) 3-959-978-02 CUSHION, PANEL...
  • Page 18: Lcd Block

    DCR-TRV140E 3-1-3. LCD BLOCK LCD901 ND901 LCD902 The components identified by mark 0 or dotted line with mark 0 are critical for safety. Replace only with part number speci- fied. Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark Ref. No. Part No.
  • Page 19: Evf Block

    DCR-TRV140E 3-1-4. EVF BLOCK LCD903 Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark 1-683-164-11 FP-401 FLEXIBLE BOARD X-3952-106-1 CABINET (LOWER) (20) ASSY, EVF not supplied VF-150 BOARD, COMPLETE X-3952-112-1 HINGE (20) ASSY, VF not supplied LB-073 BOARD, COMPLETE...
  • Page 20: Cabinet (l) And Battery Panel Blocks

    DCR-TRV140E 3-1-5. CABINET (L) AND BATTERY PANEL BLOCKS BT901 supplied 205 206 supplied Lens block (See page 20) Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. page No. Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. page No. 3-072-149-11 COVER (20), JACK 3-072-204-01 LOCK (20), BATTERY...
  • Page 21: Lens Block

    DCR-TRV140E 3-1-6. LENS BLOCK IC2001 Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. page No. Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. page No. 3-072-146-01 FRAME (20), LENS not supplied RUBBER (FM), SHIELD not supplied DEVICE, LENS LSV-631B 1-683-163-11 FP-400 FLEXIBLE BOARD 3-948-339-61 TAPPING...
  • Page 22: Main Board Block

    DCR-TRV140E 3-1-7. MAIN BOARD BLOCK Mechanism deck Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. page No. Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. page No. X-3952-110-1 LID (20) ASSY, CASSETTE 4-974-725-01 SCREW (M1.7X2.5), P 3-072-209-11 WINDOW (20), CASSETTE 3-072-145-01 FRAME (B) (20), MD...
  • Page 23: General

    This section is extracted from DCR- 4. GENERAL TRV140E instruction manual. Checking supplied English Welcome! accessories Congratulations on your purchase of this Sony Make sure that the following accessories are Digital Handycam camcorder/Handycam supplied with your camcorder. Vision . With your Digital Handycam/ Handycam Vision , you can capture life’s...
  • Page 24: Using This Manual

    TRV408E TRV140E you start reading this manual and operating your camcorder, check the model number by looking System Digital8 at the bottom of your camcorder. The DCR-TRV140E is the model used for illustration Playback Hi8/8 Hi8/8 Hi8/8 Hi8/8 Digital8 purposes. Otherwise, the model name is indicated in the illustrations.
  • Page 25 DCR-TRV140E Step 1 Preparing the power Step 1 Preparing the power supply supply After charging the battery pack Charging the battery pack Disconnect the AC power adaptor from the DC IN jack on your camcorder. Use the battery pack after charging it for your camcorder.
  • Page 26: Step 2 Setting The Data And Time

    •Place the AC power adaptor near the wall series battery packs have the mark. socket. While using the AC power adaptor, if “InfoLITHIUM” is a trademark of Sony any trouble occurs with this unit, disconnect the Corporation. plug from the wall socket as soon as possible to cut off the power.
  • Page 27: Step 3 Inserting A Cassette

    The playback picture may be distorted. The time code may not be written properly between scenes.* Recording date and time (DCR-TRV140E only) The recording date and time are not displayed while recording. However, they are recorded automatically onto the tape. To display the...
  • Page 28 •The STBY indicator appears as Xz and REC TRV108E/TRV208E/TRV408E only) as z. Some of the other indicators appear Press COUNTER RESET (p. 195). mirror-reversed and others are not displayed. DCR-TRV140E only •The date appears mirror-reversed when the CCD-TRV107E/TRV108E/TRV208E/TRV408E auto date function is working. However, the only date will be normal when recorded.*...
  • Page 29 [a] [i] 1 minute for the correct remaining battery time in minutes to be displayed. 0:00:01 0:00:01 Time code (DCR-TRV140E only) The time code indicates the recording or playback time, “0:00:00” (hours:minutes: seconds) in CAMERA mode and “0:00:00:00” (hours:minutes:seconds:frames) in PLAYER...
  • Page 30: Checking The Recording - End Search

    The picture will be clearer with the NightShot Shutter speed in the Super NightShot or the Light on. To enable the NightShot Light, set Colour Slow Shutter function (DCR-TRV140E N.S.LIGHT to ON in the menu settings (p. 137). only) The shutter speed will be automatically changed depending on the brightness of the background.
  • Page 31: Playing Back A Tape

    (date/time or various settings when recorded) (Data code). When you use data code function, bars (-- -- ---- and --:--:--) appear if (DCR-TRV140E Press DATA CODE on the Remote Commander only): in the playback mode.
  • Page 32: Viewing The Recording On Tv

    Playing back a tape Playing back a tape To view the picture at slow speed Various playback modes (slow playback) (CCD-TRV107E/ TRV208E/TRV408E, DCR-TRV140E only) To operate video control buttons, set the Press y on the Remote Commander during POWER switch to PLAYER. playback.
  • Page 33: Recording A Still Image On A Tape - Tape Photo Recording

    – Tape Photo recording tape – Tape Photo recording Notes •During the tape photo recording, you cannot – DCR-TRV140E only change the mode or setting. You can record a still image like a photograph. •PHOTO button does not work: This mode is useful when you want to record an –...
  • Page 34: Using The Wide Mode

    DCR-TRV140E Using the wide mode Using the wide mode – DCR-TRV140E You can record a 16:9 wide picture to watch on the 16:9 wide-screen TV (16:9WIDE). Black bands appear on the LCD screen during CINEMA CINEMA recording in 16:9WIDE mode [a]. The pictures...
  • Page 35: Using Special Effects - Picture Effect

    DCR-TRV140E Using the fader function Using the fader function MONOTONE Note (DCR-TRV140E only) When fading in, the picture gradually changes You cannot use the following functions while from black-and-white to colour. using the fader function. Also, you cannot When fading out, the picture gradually changes use the fader function while using the following from colour to black-and-white.
  • Page 36: Using Special Effects - Digital Effect

    – Digital effect – Digital effect (1) In CAMERA mode, select D EFFECT in the menu settings (p. 136). – DCR-TRV140E only – (2) Select the desired digital effect mode in the You can add special effects to recorded images menu settings, then press the SEL/PUSH using the various digital functions.
  • Page 37: Adjusting The Exposure Manually

    If this happens, turn the PROGRAM AE function off: – Soft portrait mode – Sports lesson mode DCR-TRV140E only Adjusting the exposure manually Focusing manually You can manually adjust and set the exposure. You can gain better results by manually adjusting...
  • Page 38: Interval Recording

    DCR-TRV140E Interval recording Focusing manually – DCR-TRV140E only To focus precisely You can make a time-lapse recording by setting Adjust the zoom by first focusing at the “T” the camcorder to automatically record and (telephoto) position and then shooting at the “W”...
  • Page 39: Frame By Frame Recording - Cut Recording

    – – Cut recording To cancel the cut recording Set FRAME REC to OFF in the menu settings. – DCR-TRV140E only You can make a recording with a stop-motion Notes on cut recording animated effect using cut recording. To create •The last recorded cut is longer than other cuts.
  • Page 40: Making Your Own Titles

    T I T L E S E T T I T L E S E T DCR-TRV140E only _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...
  • Page 41: Playing Back A Tape With Picture Effects

    Using the built-in light with picture effects CAUTION – DCR-TRV140E only •When replacing the bulb, use only the Sony During playback, you can process a scene using XB-3D halogen lamp (optional) to reduce the the picture effect functions: NEG.ART, SEPIA, risk of fire.
  • Page 42: Playing Back A Tape With Digital Effects

    Playing back a tape Playing back a tape with digital with digital effects effects – DCR-TRV140E only To cancel the digital effect function During playback, you can process a scene using Set D EFFECT to OFF in the menu settings.
  • Page 43: Quickly Locating A Scene Using The Zero Set Memory Function

    Notes •When you press ZERO SET MEMORY on the – DCR-TRV140E only Remote Commander before rewinding the tape, Your camcorder goes forwards or backwards to the zero set memory function is cancelled.
  • Page 44: Searching For A Photo - Photo Search/photo Scan

    Searching for a photo – Photo search/Photo – Photo search/Photo scan scan Scanning photo – DCR-TRV140E only (1) Set the POWER switch to PLAYER. You can search for the still image recorded on (2) Press SEARCH MODE on the Remote tape (Photo search).
  • Page 45: Dubbing A Tape Easily - Easy Dubbing

    , DV or Digital8 (4) Play back the recorded tape on your camcorder. If your VCR is a monaural type (DCR-TRV140E (5) Start recording on the VCR. only) Refer to the operating instructions of your Connect the yellow plug of the A/V connecting VCR for more information.
  • Page 46 DCR-TRV140E Dubbing a tape easily Dubbing a tape easily – Easy Dubbing – Easy Dubbing Step 2: Setting the VCR to operate Buttons for cancelling recording pause on the with your camcorder The buttons vary depending on your VCR. To...
  • Page 47 DCR-TRV140E Dubbing a tape easily Dubbing a tape easily – Easy Dubbing – Easy Dubbing When the VCR does not operate correctly E A S Y D U B B I N G E A S Y D U B B I N G •After checking the code in “About the IR...
  • Page 48: Dubbing Only Desired Scenes - Digital Program Editing

    – Digital program editing – – – Digital program editing Step 2: Setting the VCR to – DCR-TRV140E only – operate with the A/V connecting cable You can duplicate selected scenes (programmes) for editing onto a tape without operating the To edit using the VCR, send the control signal by VCR.
  • Page 49 DCR-TRV140E Dubbing only desired scenes Dubbing only desired scenes – Digital program editing – Digital program editing – – (3) Setting your camcorder and the (4) Confirming the VCR operation 1 Insert a recordable tape into the VCR, VCR to face each other then set to recording pause.
  • Page 50 DCR-TRV140E Dubbing only desired scenes Dubbing only desired scenes – Digital program editing – Digital program editing – – (15) (15) Turn the SEL/PUSH EXEC dial to select Operation 1: Making the RETURN, then press the dial. programme (1) Insert the tape for playback into your camcorder, and insert a tape for recording into the VCR.
  • Page 51: Viewing Images Using Your Computer - Usb Streaming (windows Users Only)

    Sony” (p. 129). computer at the same time or when using a •Capturing images with “PIXELA ImageMixer hub. • Ver.1.0 for Sony” (p. 130). • •Depending on the type of USB equipment used • simultaneously, some equipment may not Recommended computer operate.
  • Page 52 Install “PIXELA ImageMixer Ver.1.0 for Sony” to For Windows 2000 Professional users your computer. “PIXELA ImageMixer Ver.1.0 Log in with permission of Power Users or for Sony” is contained on the CD-ROM supplied Administrator. with your camcorder. You can view video images For Windows XP users easily on your camcorder, using your computer Log in with permission of Administrator.
  • Page 53: Changing The Menu Settings

    If you have any questions about “PIXELA ImageMixer Ver.1.0 for Sony” For details, see “Selecting the mode setting of each item”(p. 136). ImageMixer Ver.1.0 for Sony is a trademark of PIXELA corporation. Refer to the information web site at: “”. Notes on using your computer...
  • Page 54 PLAYER settings, the indicator flashes.* system on a PAL system TV. If you cancel the SteadyShot function (CCD-TRV408E, DCR-TRV140E only) NTSC 4.43 To play back a tape recorder in the NTSC colour The SteadyShot off indicator appears. Your camcorder prevents excessive compensation for camera- system on a TV with the NTSC 4.43 mode.
  • Page 55 When you play back the tape on other camcorders or VCRs, noise may occur in images or sound. •When you record in the LP mode, we recommend using a Sony video cassette so that you can get the most out of your camcorder.
  • Page 56: Types Of Trouble And Their Solutions

    To set the clock to the local time. CAMERA problem. If the problem persists, disconnect the power source and contact your Sony dealer or local Turn the SEL/PUSH EXEC dial to set the time authorised Sony service facility. If “C:ss:ss” appears on the screen, the self-diagnosis display difference.
  • Page 57: Self-diagnosis Display

    Install it properly. Five-digit display Cause and/or Corrective Actions • Something is wrong with the battery pack. c Contact your Sony dealer or local authorised Sony service C:04:ss • You are using a battery pack that is not an “InfoLITHIUM” facility.
  • Page 58: Warning Indicators And Messages

    Slow flashing: • CLEANING CASSETTE* The video heads are dirty. (p. 181) – You need to clean the heads using the Sony V8-25CLD cleaning cassette (optional). (p. 180) – CCD-TRV107E/TRV108E/TRV208E/TRV408E only • Q TAPE END* The tape has reached the end.
  • Page 59: Abut The "infolithium" Battery Pack

    DCR-TRV140E About video cassettes About video cassettes – CCD-TRV107E/TRV108E/TRV208E/ – Playing back an NTSC-recorded tape TRV408E only You can play back tapes recorded in the NTSC video system using the SP mode. However, note that the following will occur Selecting the cassette type during playback of an NTSC-recorded tape.
  • Page 60: About

    IEEE 1394 data personal computer. transport bus proposed by SONY, and is a For details on precautions when connecting this trademark approved by many corporations.
  • Page 61 If this is the case, they must be replaced with new heads. Contact your Sony dealer or local authorised Sony service facility. [a]: Slightly dirty [a]:...
  • Page 62 If any problem occurs, unplug your camcorder •Keep the battery pack away from fire. and contact your nearest Sony dealer. •Never expose the battery pack to temperatures above 60°C (140°F), such as in a car parked in the sun or under direct sunlight.
  • Page 63: Identifying The Parts And Controls

    Recording lamp (p. 29) qs Hooks for shoulder strap (p. 192) wd Tripod receptacle (base) DCR-TRV140E only Make sure that the length of the tripod screw is less than 5.5 mm (7/32 in.). Otherwise, you cannot attach the tripod securely and the screw may damage your camcorder.
  • Page 64 VTR 2. The commander modes 1, 2 and 3 are used to distinguish your camcorder from other Sony VCRs to avoid unintentional operations. If you use another Sony VCR in the commander 1 Recording mode indicator (p. 140)/ mode VTR 2, we recommend changing the Mirror mode indicator (p.
  • Page 65 This indicator appears in the viewfinder only. wh FULL charge indicator (p. 19) wj Tape counter indicator (p. 35)/ DATE or TIME indicator (p. 26, 41)* Time code indicator (p. 45)* Self-diagnosis display indicator (p. 158) DCR-TRV140E only CCD-TRV408E, DCR-TRV140E only CCD-TRV107E/TRV108E/TRV208E/TRV408E only – 65 –...
  • Page 66 DCR-TRV140E 2001L0500-1 Sony EMCS Co. 9-929-924-41 © 2001. 12 – 66 – Published by DI Customer Center...
  • Page 67: Revision History

    Reverse 992992441.pdf Revision History S.M. Rev. Ver. Date History Contents issued 2001.12 Official Release — —...

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