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Slide compound miter saw
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We guarantee Hitachi Power Tools in accordance with statutory/country specific
regulation. This guarantee does not cover defects or damage due to misuse, abuse,
or normal wear and tear. In case of complaint, please send the Power Tool,
undismantled, with the GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE found at the end of this
Handling instruction, to a Hitachi Authorized Service Center.
Due to HITACHI's continuing program of research and development the
specifications herein are subject to change without prior notice.
Information concerning airborne noise and vibration
The measured values were determined according to EN61029.
The typical A-weighted sound pressure level: 90 dB(A)
The typical A-weighted sound power level: 103 dB (A)
Wear ear protection.
The typical weighted root mean square acceleration value does not exceed 2.5
Information for power supply system to be used with electric tools provided
with rated voltage 230 V~
Switching operations of electric apparatus cause voltage fluctuations.
The operation of this electric tool under unfavorable mains conditions can have
adverse effects to the operation of other electric apparatus.
With a mains impedance equal or less than 0.29 Ohms there will probably be
no negative effects.
Usually, the maximum permissible mains impedance will not be exceeded
when the branch to the power outlet is fed from a junction box with a service
capacity of 25 ampere or higher.
In case of power failure, or when the power plug is pulled out, immediately return
the switch to OFF position. This prevents an uncontrolled restart.



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