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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Installation Procedures; Summary

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide

Installation Procedures


Follow the steps listed below to install your routing switch. Details for each of the steps highlighted below are
provided in the balance of this chapter.
1. Preparing the installation site (page 2-4). Ensure that the physical environment that will host the routing
switch has the proper cabling and ventilation.
2. Chassis devices only – Installing (or Removing) Optional Modules (page 2-4). There are many optional
modules designed for any of the module slots on the HP 9304M or HP 9308M routing switches. Depending
on where you will install the routing switch, it may be easier to install the modules first. However, the modules
are "hot swappable", and can be installed or removed after the routing switch is mounted and powered-on.
NOTE: If you are installing a second Redundant Management module, see "Using Redundant Management
Modules" on page 5-1 for complete installation, configuration, and management instructions for this module.
3. Chassis devices only – (Optional) Installing (or Removing) Redundant Power Supplies
(page 2-6). The HP 9304M can hold one or two power supplies. The HP 9308M can hold up to four power
supplies. If you have a power supply to install, it may be easier to install it before mounting the routing switch,
although the power supplies are "hot swappable", and can be installed or removed after the routing switch is
mounted and powered-on.
CAUTION: Remove the power cord from a power supply before you install it in or remove it from the routing
switch. Otherwise, damage to the power supply or the routing switch could result. (The routing switch can be
running while a power supply is being installed or removed, but the power supply itself should not be
connected to a power source.)
4. Verifying Proper Operation (page 2-8). Verify that the system and module LEDs are registering the proper
LED state after power-on of the system.
5. Attaching a PC or Terminal (page 2-9). A terminal or PC serial port connection is all that is required to
support configuration on the routing switch.
6. Assign a Permanent Password (page 2-12). No default password is assigned to HP devices. For additional
access security, assign a password.
7. Assign Permanent IP Addresses (page 2-13). Before attaching equipment to the device, assign an
interface IP address to the sub-net on which it will be located. Initial IP address assignment is done using the
Command Line Interface (CLI) with either a direct serial connection or using Telnet with a direct terminal-to­
device LAN connection. The subsequent IP address assignments used with routing switches can be done via
Telnet or the Web management interface.
8. Mounting the Device (page 2-15). HP switches and routing switches support both desktop and rack-mount
9. Connecting Power to the Device (page 2-17). Once the device is physically installed, plug the device into a
nearby power source in keeping with regulatory requirements outlined in this manual.
10. Connecting Network Devices (page 2-17). Once the device is powered on and IP addresses are assigned,
the device is ready to accept network equipment.
CAUTION: Use the CESD grounding tap (provided by HP) before connecting Category 5 or better UTP
copper networking cables.
11. Verifying Proper Connections (page 2-20). Test IP connectivity to other devices by pinging them and
tracing routes.
12. Managing the device (page 2-21). Continue configuring the device using the CLI or the Web management
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