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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Preparing The Installation Site; Cabling Infrastructure; Installation Location; Installing Modules

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide

1. Preparing the Installation Site

Cabling Infrastructure

Ensure that the proper cabling is installed in the site. See "Hardware Overview" on page 8-1 for a summary of
supported cabling types and their specifications.

Installation Location

Before installing the device, plan its location and orientation relative to other devices and equipment. Allow at
least three inches (3") of space at the front of the device for the twisted-pair, fiber-optic and power cabling. Also,
a minimum of three inches (3") of space should be allowed between the sides and the back of the device and
walls or other obstructions.
2. Installing (or Removing) Optional Modules (Chassis Devices only)

Installing Modules

To install a module in the chassis, do the following:
Put on an ESD wrist strap and attach the clip end to a metal surface (e.g. an equipment rack) to act as
WARNING: To avoid risk of shock, do not attach the clip end to the air flow panel of the power supply.
Remove the blank face plate from the slot in which the module is to be installed. Place the blank face plate in
a safe place for future use.
Remove the module from its packaging.
Insert the module into the chassis slot and glide the card along the card guide until the card ejectors on the
front of the module touch the chassis.
CAUTION: To avoid hardware damage during installation, be careful to properly line up the edges of the
module board with the guides built into the module slot on the chassis.
NOTE: Modules for the HP 9308M slide in vertically with the module label (e.g. ProCurve 9300) and port
number 1 at the top (Figure 2.3). Modules for the HP 9304M slide in horizontally with the module label (e.g.
ProCurve 9300) and port number 1 on the left (Figure 2.4).
Push the ejectors toward the center of the module until they are flush with the front panel of the module. The
module will be fully seated in the backplane.
Tighten the two screws at either end of the module.
CAUTION: If one or more of the slots remains unused, make sure that a slot cover plate is still attached over
each unused slot for safe operation and proper system cooling.
Use the CESD grounding tap (provided by HP) before connecting Category 5 or better UTP copper
networking cables.
NOTE: If installing a module into a slot previously occupied by a different type of module, you must use the
CLI to configure the new module (with the CLI command, module <slot-num> <module-type>) and then use
the write memory command to save the configuration and the reload command to reset the routing switch.
See "Swapping Modules (Chassis Devices only)" on page 2-25. If the slot has never contained a module or
you are swapping in exactly the same type of module, you do not need to enter these commands.
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