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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Sample Ssh Configuration

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide
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SSH connections:
1 established, client ip address
16 seconds in idle
2 established, client ip address
42 seconds in idle
3 established, client ip address
49 seconds in idle
4 closed
5 closed
Syntax: show who
To terminate one of the active SSH connections, enter the following command:
HP9300# kill ssh 1
Syntax: kill ssh <connection-id>

Sample SSH Configuration

The following is a sample SSH configuration for an HP device.
hostname HP9300
ip dns domain-name
aaa authentication login default local
username neville password .....
username lynval password .....
username terry password .....
ip ssh permit-empty-passwd no
ip ssh pub-key-file tftp pkeys.txt
crypto key generate rsa public_key "1024 35 144460146631716543532035011163035196
crypto key generate rsa private_key "*************************"
ip ssh authentication-retries 5
This aaa authentication login default local command configures the device to use the local user accounts to
authenticate users attempting to log in.
Three user accounts are configured on the device. The ip ssh permit-empty-passwd no command causes
users always to be prompted for a password when they attempt to establish an SSH connection. Since the device
uses local user accounts for authentication, only these three users are allowed to connect to the device using
The ip ssh pub-key-file tftp command causes a public key file called pkeys.txt to be loaded from a TFTP server
at To gain access to the HP device using SSH, a user must have a private key that corresponds to
one of the public keys in this file.
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