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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Switches

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide
Set the IP and mask addresses.
HP9300(config)# int e 1/5
HP9300(config-if-1/5)# ip address
NOTE: You can use the syntax, ip address <ip-addr> /<mask-bits> if you know the sub-net mask length. In
the above example, you could enter ip address
Syntax: enable [<password>]
Syntax: configure terminal
Syntax: [no] ip address <ip-addr> <ip-mask> [secondary]
Syntax: [no] ip address <ip-addr>/<mask-bits> [secondary]
Use the secondary parameter if you have already configured an IP address within the same sub-net on the


Using a serial connection is the recommended method for assigning the IP address on a switch. (You also can
use Telnet with a direct, terminal-to-device LAN connection if necessary—see "Attaching a PC or Terminal Using a
Direct LAN Connection" on page 2-10.)
To assign an IP Address to the HP 6208M-SX switch:
1. At the opening CLI prompt, enter enable.
HP6208> enable
If you are prompted for the password you created in "Assigning a Permanent Password" on page 2-12, enter
the password.
Enter the following command at the Privileged EXEC level prompt (for example, HP6208#), then press Enter.
This command erases the factory test configuration if still present:
HP6208# erase startup-config
WARNING: Use this step only for new systems. If you enter this command on a system you have already
configured, the command erases the configuration. If you accidentally do erase the configuration on a configured
system, enter the write memory command to save the running configuration to the startup-config file.
Access the configuration level of the CLI by entering the following command:
HP6208# configure terminal
Set the IP and mask addresses for the switch.
HP6208(config)# ip address
Set a default gateway address for the switch.
HP6208(config)# ip default-gateway
NOTE: You do not need to assign a default gateway address for single sub-net networks.
Syntax: enable [<password>]
Syntax: configure terminal
Syntax: [no] ip address <ip-addr> <ip-mask>
2 - 14
Privileged EXEC Level
Global CONFIG Level



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