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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Installation Precautions

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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13. Chassis devices only – Swapping Modules (page 2-25). If you are removing a module and placing a
module of another type in its slot, you need to reconfigure the chassis slot for the module.

Installation Precautions

Follow these precautions when installing an HP switch or routing switch:
WARNING: The HP 9304M chassis exceeds 40 lbs. (18 kg), or 47.7 lbs.(21.6 kg) when fully populated with
modules and power supplies. Also, the HP 9308M chassis exceeds 55 lbs. (24.9 kg) or 69.1 lbs. (31.3 kg) when
fully populated with modules and power supplies. TWO OR MORE PEOPLE ARE REQUIRED WHEN LIFTING,
WARNING: Do not use the handles on the power supply units to lift or carry the routing switch.
WARNING: The rack or cabinet housing the switch or routing switch should be adequately secured to prevent it
from becoming unstable and/or falling over.
WARNING: Devices installed in a rack or cabinet should be mounted as low as possible, with the heaviest
device at the bottom and progressively lighter devices installed above.
Make sure that the power source circuits are properly grounded, then use the power cord supplied with the
device to connect it to the power source.
If the installation requires a different power cord than the one supplied with the device, be sure to use a power
cord displaying the mark of the safety agency that defines the regulations for power cords in your country.
The mark is your assurance that the power cord can be used safely with the device.
Ensure that the device does not overload the power circuits, wiring, and over-current protection. To
determine the possibility of overloading the supply circuits, add together the ampere ratings of all devices
installed on the same circuit as the switch or routing switch. Compare this total with the rating limit for the
circuit. The maximum ampere ratings are usually printed on the devices, near their AC power connectors.
Do not install the device in an environment where the operating ambient temperature might exceed 40
degrees C (104 degrees F).
Make sure the air flow around the front, sides, and back of the device is not restricted.
To provide additional safety and proper airflow to the device, make sure that slot cover plates are installed on
all chassis slots that do not have either a module or power supply installed.
Before connecting Category 5 or better UTP copper networking cables to a chassis module on the HP 9304M
or HP 9308M, use the CESD grounding tap (shipped with the HP 9304M and HP 9308M and with chassis
modules designed for UTP copper networking cables). See the Cable Grounding Instructions included with
the CESD grounding tap. If you did not receive a CESD grounding tap kit (HP part number 5064-9974) with
the above HP products, you can request one without charge from your HP Customer Care Center (CCC). To
contact the CCC for your area, see the support and warranty booklet (Support is as Close as the World Wide
Web!) shipped with your HP product. CCCs are also listed in the HP ProCurve Networking Service and
Support Guide available at (Click on Technical Support, then
Support Services.)
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