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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Logging On Through The Web Management Interface

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Ctrl-Key Combination
Ctrl-L; Ctrl-R
Ctrl-U; Ctrl-X
For a complete list of CLI commands and syntax information for each command, see the Command Line Interface

Logging On Through the Web Management Interface

To use the Web management interface, open a web browser and enter the IP address of the HP device in the
Location or Address field. The web browser contacts the HP device and displays a login dialog, as shown in
Figure 2.12.
NOTE: If you are unable to connect with the switch or routing switch through a Web browser due to a proxy prob­
lem, it may be necessary to set your Web browser to direct Internet access instead of using a proxy. For informa­
tion on how to change a proxy setting, refer to the online help provided with your Web browser.
Figure 2.12
Web management interface login dialog
By default, you can use the user name "get" and the default read-only password "public" for read-only access.
However, for read-write access, you must enter "set" for the user name, and enter a read-write community string
that you have configured on the device for the password. There is no default read-write community string. You
must add one. See "Establishing SNMP Community Strings" on page 3-13.
Table 2.2: CLI Line Editing Commands (Continued)
Moves to the end of the current command line.
Moves the cursor forward one character.
Deletes all characters from the cursor to the end of the command
Repeats the current command line on a new line.
Enters the next command line in the history buffer.
Enters the previous command line in the history buffer.
Deletes all characters from the cursor to the beginning of the
command line.
Deletes the last word you typed.
Moves from any CONFIG level of the CLI to the Privileged EXEC
level; at the Privileged EXEC level, moves to the User EXEC
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