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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual Page 233

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide
NOTE: When one or more HP 6208M-SX switches are running Layer 2 IP Multicast Traffic reduction, configure
one of the switches for active IGMP and leave the other switches configured for passive IGMP. However, if the IP
multicast domain contains a multicast-capable router, configure all the HP switches for passive IGMP and allow
the router to actively send the IGMP queries.
To enable IP Multicast Traffic Reduction, use either of the following methods.
To enable IP Multicast Traffic Reduction, enter the following command:
HP6208(config)# ip multicast
Syntax: [no] ip multicast
To verify that IP Multicast Traffic Reduction is enabled, enter the following command at any level of the CLI:
HP6208(config)# show ip multicast
IP multicast is enabled - Active
Syntax: show ip multicast
NOTE: This command does not display a message if you have enabled IP Multicast Traffic Reduction but you
have not yet reloaded the software.
To enable IP Multicast Traffic Reduction on an HP 6208M-SX:
Log on to the device using a valid user name and password for read-write access. The System configuration
panel is displayed.
Select Enable next to IP Multicast.
Click the Apply button to save the change to the device's running-config file.
Select the Save link at the bottom of the dialog, then select Yes when prompted to save the configuration
change to the startup-config file on the device's flash memory.
Changing the IGMP Mode
When you enable IP Multicast Traffic Reduction on the switch, IGMP also is enabled. The switch uses IGMP to
maintain a table of the Group Membership reports received by the switch. You can use active or passive IGMP
mode. The default mode is passive.
Active – When active IGMP mode is enabled, an HP switch actively sends out IGMP queries to identify IP
multicast groups on the network and makes entries in the IGMP table based on the Group Membership
reports received from the network.
NOTE: Routers in the network generally handle this operation. Use the active IGMP mode only when the
switch is in a stand-alone switched network with no external IP multicast router attachments. In this case,
enable the active IGMP mode on only one of the switches and leave the other switches configured for passive
IGMP mode.
Passive – When passive IGMP mode is enabled, the switch listens for IGMP Group Membership reports but
does not send IGMP queries. The passive mode is sometimes called "IGMP snooping". Use this mode when
another device in the network is actively sending queries.
To set change the IGMP mode, use either of the following methods.
NOTE: You must reload the software after making this configuration change and saving it to the startup-config
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